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    Hamato Michelangelo

    Post by Hamato Leonardo on Sun Jan 03, 2016 4:41 pm

    Hamato Michelangelo


    Appearance :
    Mikey is a large mutant turtle/human hybrid. He has a shell and green skin like a turtle, but is more human in stature with a well-toned body from his years of training in the art of Ninjitsu. He's around 5"4' in height and weighs around 180 lbs. He also has (normally bright and often mischievous) blue eyes, almost a blue-green skin tone, and his face is littered with freckles. He has a smile that can brighten any room and he often uses it to try getting out of trouble. However, his family already knows his tricks and don't fall for it, but hey -- can't blame a Turtle for trying!

    He usually wears his normal 'ninja gear' which consists of elbow and knee pads, wrist bands, a belt, and his trademark orange ninja mask. He also often has his two nunchakus (which he calls his 'babies') right on his belt. He'll also carry a small assortment of other ninja weapons such as smoke pellets (courtesy of Donnie) and shuriken (ninja throwing stars). [/b]

    Michelangelo is said to be the youngest of the Turtles, but he's actually more like the most immature of the four. He is an easy-going, fun-seeking, and even sometimes devious person. He loves playing (mostly harmless) pranks on his family and just likes to make people laugh. Just hearing about a new game coming out or even just the word "pizza" excites this turtle. He is loving, caring, compassionate and a huge animal lover. However, he also lacks the discipline to focus for long periods of time on things that really matter (i.e. training) and this has gotten him in trouble on multiple occasions. Despite his efforts to shirk on practice or training runs, Mike's natural agility makes up for his laziness. [/color]


    ~ pizza – his absolute favorite food in the whole world ever since he was first introduced to it. Even with some questionable toppings that would turn most people's stomachs.

    ~ junk food -- will eat pretty much anything he can get his hands on.

    ~ comic books – his favorite kind of reading material. He even has some fantasies about being a superhero.

    ~ drawing – something to do in his past time if nothing is good on TV or the video game console is in use by someone else.

    ~ action figures -- he collects them and displays them. He'll even play with them every once in a while. They all feature his favorite comic book heroes.

    ~ watching TV/movies – lots of horror movies and cartoons. He also is a major fan of family movies.

    ~ being lazy – he likes taking all the shortcuts he can, but is sometimes reprimanded for taking the 'easy way out' of things.

    ~ annoying his siblings – whether it's just being bored and looking for someone to entertain him or talking incessantly just to hear the sound of his own voice, it tends to get on his brothers' nerves. His favorite targets are Raph and sometimes Don.

    ~ pulling pranks – all of the brothers have been a victim to Mike's pranks. Although he doesn't try to do anything that would cause permanent damage.

    ~ laughing – it's very easy to do and he does it often. Occasionally his plans work and others join in on his mirth.

    ~ telling jokes – something he can do easily, but not everyone finds them as funny as he does. But he can cheer someone up sometimes.

    ~ video games – some would call him an expert or master at videogames. He would play either by himself or with another sibling. Usually will wipe the floor with any opponent he faces.

    ~ skateboarding – he knows many tricks and the sewer tunnels make the perfect place to hone his skills.


    ~ noogies – a 'punishment' he receives from any of his brothers on a regular basis.

    ~ training – a necessary evil to him. Even though he excels at it because of his natural abilities, he'd much rather goof off.

    ~ getting up early for training – not a morning person at all and prefers staying up late with movies or games.

    ~ backflips used as punishment – one of the worst forms of punishment, even though he's more than capable of doing it.

    ~ vegetables – not very fond of salads, but on pizza there are exceptions.

    ~ lectures – they can come from any family member, but most likely from Leo. Although Splinter also has some “words of wisdom” that often confuse this turtle more than help him.

    ~ meditating – the ultimate snorefest in Mike's opinion. However, there are a few occasions when it has helped solve problems with his focus.

    ~ Splinter's walking stick – a quick punishment that often results in a splitting headache. Mike usually gets 'the stick' more than any other form of discipline.

    ~ sibling disputes -- usually this refers to Raph and Leo, but that's not always the case. Mike will just roll his eyes and walk away to go do something, but he still hates the tension that lingers.[/b][/color]


    Mother: Unknown -- other than a mysterious canister of ooze.

    Father: Splinter

    Siblings: Leonardo, Raphael, and Donatello

    Other Important Figures: Casey Jones and April O'Neil [/b][/color]


    Michelangelo was one of four turtles that was purchased from the pet shop by a small boy. They were being carried home in a glass jar when something startled the boy and he ended up dropping the jar. The four baby turtles were swept down a storm drain and well on their way to the sewers. It was too late to save them before they disappeard into the darkness below.

    Something else had also ended up down there. A canister of mysterious ooze had broken upon impact and its contents landed on the baby turtles. They were found by a large rat and instead of ignoring the small, crawling creatures, he gathered all of them up in a coffee can and took them home to his burrow where they spent the night.

    As the next day began, changes had happened to all five of the creatures. Whatever that ooze was had given them more human characteristics -- including size and intellect. They were still very small and Mike was definitely the smallest of the four little turtles. But all five of the mutated creatures had doubled in size overnight.

    Splinter, as the rat was now called, adopted the four turtles and taught them everything about the world and their dark surroundings. Going up to the surface was forbidden but Splinter would give them everything he could to provide for his growing children. When they were about four years old, he decided they were old enough to train his sons in the martial art of Ninjitsu. Of course he had learned this from his own master many, many years ago.

    As Mikey grew, he acquired his love for all things fun -- including playing pranks on his brothers. He also had a primary weapon which took a lot of practice (and a lot of bruises on the noggin) before he became a master wielder of the nunchucks. He was still the shortest of his brothers, but his natural agility made up for it.

    When Mike was fifteen, he was introduced to his first real human friend, April O'Neil. He and his brothers had saved her from some lowlifes and the rest as they say is history. She became a useful ally to the turtles and also family. Even someone had a bit of an (ahem) crush although it has never been addressed. The biggest turtle in question (and not naming names here) probably would take the secret to his grave.

    Soon after that, another human friend came along -- Casey Jones. Although Casey and Mike's brother Raph were much closer, he still enjoyed hanging out with the man on occasion. As long as he didn't get to close to Mikey's most prized possessions, otherwise Casey's temper normally left destruction in his wake.

    Both Casey and April have been the greatest friends four mutant turtles and a mutated rat could ask for. They were definitely considered as family and great allies for helping the mutant family get around the city and also helping with groceries and such since it was dangerous for the turtles to go into stores. Even in 'disguise' it still wasn't enough.

    Mike continues to be the 'kid at heart' type of turtle and is the most likely to never truly grow up. And he wouldn't have it any other way.

    rp sample

    "Pay attention, will ya? Jeez.."

    That earned an eye-roll from the turtle-in-orange. But still, he knew he needed to watch where he was going. People might have their eyes to the sky, but that didn't mean no one would be able to spot them by detecting their movement alone. Especially Mikey with his brightly-colored orange mask. That was kinda hard to miss, even with the cover of darkness. And quick bursts of light wouldn't help matters either.

    Mike was moving swiftly behind his brother by only mere seconds as they climbed up to the rooftops and started their run once they made it to the top. Even Mike had to admit the city looked even cooler on this night because of the fireworks. There were so many colors and with each fire-y explosion, the city would light up in that particular color. It was just... spectacular!

    Mike was again transfixed by the sight of the night sky as he followed his brother along the rooftops. The first few jumps were easy to make then he heard Raph above the noise of the fireworks, challenging him to a race. He grinned broadly and gave his bro in red a smirk. "You're so on!" He put on another burst of speed as he accepted the challenge and put more effort into passing Raph.

    At the same time, he heard a small crash up ahead, but had no idea it would be right below him in a few seconds as he made a mighty leap (in the form of a front flip with his legs tucked tightly against his chest) and sailed over the crater. It wasn't a very big crater but Mike never made it to the other side. He wasn't sure if it was the vehicle 'crash' or a loud explosion from a nearby firework or even a combination of the two, but the next thing Mike knew, he was laying carapace-down on a truck below.

    Mike had missed the jump because the sudden noise startled him and he lost his form mid-flip and found himself plummeting towards the ground at a very high speed. He wasn't sure if he even had time to scream before he was left groaning on top of the truck's cab after his fall. He definitely had the wind knocked out of him as he laid there disoriented and staring at the sky as the fireworks continued their dance above him.

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