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    April O'Neil (App by Neon)


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    April O'Neil (App by Neon)

    Post by Neon on Sat Aug 20, 2016 12:29 am

    April O'Neil


    April O'Neil (Movie version - Actress used: Scarlett Johansson > Preferably from The Avengers and Captain America movies.) (My current icon is what movie April looks like)

    April is a young middle aged woman in her early twenties. Weighing in around 130 pounds at 5'3", this red head is thirsty for whatever information she can get on the foot to destroy the clan and shredder for good, and to help her Turtle friends in any way shape or form, she did name them after all.  Although she is mistaken for some sort of know-it-all with "only looks", April is one hell of an ass-kicker when she wants to be, beauty can be fierce too. She is all for her mutated family and frankly would give her life for them at any given moment. Though being fired from channel 3 in an early time period had only expanded her mind, and after once again helping along side the turtles in a ground breaking battle against Shredder and newly found foe Kraang, April had been rewarded with a brand-new job at Channel 6 and is back and better than ever, but she will never not be there for the turtles, she will help them to the best of her ability along side her friends Casey Jones and Vern Fenwick.

    April O'Neil (Nickelodeon/IDW etc version - Singer used: Haley Williams 
    -Paramore-) (Check my tag gif to see her appearance.)

    April is a young adult at the age of 19, 5'3" weighing in at about 130 pounds, this red head is in the beginning of college, but by night she is a full fledge Kunoichi, taking on battles and enemies alongside her turtle friends. With much practice and dedication lead by Master Splinter, April is stronger than ever with a little help of a certain magical piece give to her on a distant planet not to long visited. She uses her Psychokinetic gift and senses along with her combat skills, weapons such as her fan and blade to defeat enemies. April often is discouraged if she is defeated however, but quickly learns that she can take on anything if she puts her mind and heart into it, she is grateful and thankful for her friends, The Turtles, Master Splinter and Casey Jones.


    Movie: Growing up, April never really knew her mother, but stayed close to her father. Every now and again she would visit her father's and Mr. Sacs laboratory when she was younger, fascinated by all of their things and equipment. April had always adored hearing about what new creation they would attempt to invest in, she was really interested in the sciences, and yet she always have her video camera with her, taping her father working and so on, she had an artisans eye for capturing things and knew some day she would want to be a physicist or a news reporter. April finally had something interesting to film one day when her father brought in four baby box turtles and a middle aged rat; test subjects for a plan called project renaissance. Sacs and her father worked hard on developing something called Mutagen, and injected it in their test subjects, but also taking care of them, and every once in a while April would give them a little treat of pizza. Things were going well until one faithful day her fathers plans for project renaissance were corrupted on account of a fire, everything had burned. April managed to save the four turtles and rat and bring them to safety, not knowing her fathers fate and the real truth behind the fire, leading to believe for years that her father died at a good cause, not knowing her newly found turtle friends had become something incredible over eighteen years, and accidentally putting them in the risk of the villain right beside her, a deadly man by the name of Oroku Saki, The Shredder. Thus this began hers and The Turtle's origins, April grew into a bright star and developed the courage and determination she needed for her new job at channel 6, and to be fearless when it came to each battle brought their way engaging with her family, using her brains and courage to protect and take care of Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo. While under the wing of Master Splinter, and joined by Vern and Casey.


    Nick-IDW: Not knowing about her mother until later in her travels, April O'Neil went through high school normally while living with her father in a small apartment in New York, a normal life, boring, mutual. Same old things and friends, the work, same old school... But one night while walking with her father, had she not a clue she was being spotted from a rooftop by four turtle mutants, in fact being the first human those 15 year old boys have ever seen, and even more so she wouldn't have known that mysterious look-a-likes were on their way to capture her and her father, and so they did, taking them and tying them up to bring them back to an unknown base. Instantly the turtles had followed, they couldn't let that happen. It turned out that these mysterious men needed April's dad, Kirby, who was a scientist that had the knowledge they needed for a top secret plan. Through it all April's life had changed that night upon the sights she had seen, more importantly who she had seen... four, big, green giant talking turtles with ninja weapons. Of coarse she screamed. But since that faithful night, being saved by her green hero's, multiple attempts on getting her father back and finally living with these creatures for her safety, she grew attached to them, and they did her. Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo, her saviors. Not to mention a giant talking rat they called their father, and master. Master Splinter she soon was addressing him by - for April had become interested in being a Kunoichi and being just as good as her newly found friends were, and the more she could stand up for herself; screw being a 'normal' teenager, it was her time to shine. Shine she did, and with that came plenty adventures, from meeting a new guy by the name of Casey Jones who became her friend, and finding out her best friend Irma was robot controlled by a disgusting alien creature by the name of Kraang-Subprime, the same species that had kidnapped and mutated her father multiple times.  April trained harder and harder and her journeys expanded further and further, she eventually found out the truth that SHE wasn't fully human, but half human half Kraang, and she was immune to Mutagen. This concluded her to the story behind her mother, who was dissected but not before being injected and experimented on with mutagen by the Kraang, to transform her baby, this is why April is immune to Mutagen, and the Kraang wanted the baby for greater things, but before her mother perished April was able to be spared and taken by her father, leaving that place for good, or so they had hoped. Now stronger than before April embarked to greater adventures, including space! The earth was turned back six months to fix the destruction by an invasion from the Triceritons. There April met with a robotic scientist by the name of Professor Honeycutt, and in a mission received a magical, powerful gift that sped up the powers she had developed over time and used it to her skill and advantage. Once coming back from their space mission to save their world a second time, they had succeeded and got their world and friends back and right back to stopping the real threat again, the Kraang. Finally over later years, April entered college in her late teenage years while training as a full fledge Kunoichi at night with the Turtles. From the dull beginning and to the bittersweet middle she is currently in April is a fast, strong, and determined Kunoichi warrior and she continues to up her skills every night. With her new weapon given to her by Master Splinter and her new Kunoichi attire, April is ready to take on any challenge with fire in her heart.

    RP Sample

    Nick April Sample: (Sorry its so smol I wrote so much previously, I'm pooped- heheh.)

    She stood tall, legs separated by a few inches, her knees were bent. April raised her hands with her fingers connected and her palms flat out, one arm bend in front of her and the other with her fingers pointing skyward in a beginning stance right by her other hand.

    She was ready, more than ever she was ready to face a challenge far greater than she could ever imagine, this would test her skills and everything she has worked so hard for over the coarse of a few years. She was a Kunoichi dammit and she would fight till her last breath to beat her opponent down with every skill and move she has learned, she was strong and confident and wouldn't take no for an answer; she wasn't a kid anymore, she was a warrior. A warrior with the skill of a slippery serpent, quick and fast, light on her toes and toes like a ballerina. She was ready;

    "Come at me sicko, I promise you as much pain as possible."

    April's eyes were like an electric storm, like a hurricane ripping through a tropical ocean, they reflected her fiery red hair and matched the hatred deep within her core towards her opponent, she was determined and she wouldn't hold back for anything, they would pay.

    And with a dip of her eyelids, those blue pools lit up and she dashed towards the enemy with her dagger in hand, a strong battle cry tearing from her lungs, she would have left a trail of fire behind her.

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