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    The New Mutants in Town (Tags Stripes)



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    The New Mutants in Town (Tags Stripes)

    Post by Sprx on Tue Mar 08, 2016 10:25 pm

    Date ~ March, 2016
    Time ~ 2:45 am
    Location ~ Wall Street New York

    He was on his hands and knees, rummaging through opened drawers filled with various food supplies. Silverware clanked to the ground as forks and knives were carelessly thrown and tossed about. The group of mafia gang men were tied up in the middle of the room, watching in awe as the being dressed in a dark leather suit raided their kitchen. Their eyes were drawn to the long red tail which swished side to side as the man...no, the creature, went about taring the place up.

    "Ngh! Dammit, they don't have any bacon!"
    Sprx tore off his Nightwarcher helmet and threw it to the ground with frustration, the spikes on his back lifting from the tense state he was in. These crooks had drugs, money and jewls, but not any decent food he could snatch on the way out!
    You try to do some good for the city, and you can't even be rewarded with some simple bacon. His mouth watered.

    They had caught these men after weeks of spying, finally getting the chance to run in on an illegal meeting of gang leaders. Sprx and his partner had collected all the stolen goods for the cops to find, all while getting a good beating in to teach the theives a lesson. They'll be heading off to jail with a few broken bones and black eyes. The only thing the two vigilantes wanted in return was some food to live on.
    The stole from the rich and fed their stomachs! Now that was a motto he could live by.

    Sprx rubbed his head before he came to stand, gathering up his helmet and weapons. He could hear the sound of sirens not to far off, which would give them only a few minutes to make their exit.
    "Ready to scrr-scram, Stripes?"


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    Re: The New Mutants in Town (Tags Stripes)

    Post by Stripes on Wed Mar 09, 2016 2:15 pm

    The other half of the duo also searched the place after making certain that the men were securely restrained. All he saw, however, were crushed cans and empty glass bottles strewn on the floor, along with countless of burnt cigarette butts. He may be a mere street urchin before but this was ridiculous even for his standards.

    "No kiddin'. These punks barely have any scraps of food on 'em," Stripes remarked as he padded back over to their captives, fists on his hips. The hybrid never really bothered to shroud his-- apparently bizarre appearance. He didn't think it was completely necessary.
    He set his gaze down on the gang members. Who would've thought human mafia were not much different from those back at Dimension X? The one obvious contrasting trait was appearances; other than that, whether they be mutants or aliens or humans, they're all the same. Predictable.
    Looking straight at one of them, the man glared, but he could see the uncertainties in the human's eyes. Heh, the look on their faces the moment they barged in... he'll never get tired of it.... maybe.

    His partner had introduced him to the thing called 'bacon' some time ago. Sprx seemed to like it a lot. Sadly, there were none of those in sight here. Bah-- another job without rewards. Ah heck.. at least there's always the satisfaction of knowing that those jerks would soon be behind bars. They're doing the city a huge favor here. Now if only they'd be able to celebrate the day's victory with a good meal.

    Stripes' ears flicked in alert the moment he heard the sirens drawing closer. "Guess our job's done here.." He nodded while giving the room one last glance.
    "Let's split."
    With that, he headed for the opened back window and swiftly leaped out before the cops arrive.

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    Re: The New Mutants in Town (Tags Stripes)

    Post by Sprx on Mon Mar 14, 2016 2:32 pm

    The lizard glanced around the room one last time before he followed his friend outside. Sprx darted up the fire escape on all fours before he leapt across to the next building. It was there he watched from above as cop cars skirted along the streets with their flashing lights. The officers swarmed around the building, some entering with force while others guarded the outside to put up barriers so the public could not to intervene.
    He sighed deeply in vexation and caressed the cement under his claws. A few pebbles and pieces of rubble fell from the rooftop, hitting one officer on the head. Confused, the human brushed his hair free of the grime before turning to glance up. Sprx shot away with speed before anyone could catch sight of the red mutant dressed in leather on the rooftop. He got to his feet to walk beside Stripes, Sprx’s head only as high as his partners shoulder. He was so much smaller than the wolf in both height and years, making Sprx the “Kid” of the duo. Though he hated the nickname given to him, the lizard would be lying if he didn’t admit to actually liking Stripes, seeing him as a father figure considering his own “Father” wasn’t around. Stripes saved him by taking him in and making sure he was well fed, even on hard nights like this.
    “Gn-guess we’re not getting our f-full coarse meal, huh?”


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    Re: The New Mutants in Town (Tags Stripes)

    Post by Stripes on Wed Mar 23, 2016 3:08 pm

    Stripes was on the roof of the adjacent building, joining his partner by the edge to watch the humans do their job. To be honest, he envied them. He used to be able to walk around as he pleased without having to constantly worry about being spotted and duck out of sight. Things were a lot trickier here. Just as that thought crossed his mind, some small debris fell on one of those cops, leading him to immediately dart back.

    The hybrid's face fell the slightest when he heard that question. "'Fraid not, Kid.." It pained him to admit it. They barely had anything good to eat the past few days. He wasn't so worried about himself, but rather Sprx. The younger mutant reminded him greatly of the days he looked after the little orphans... who weren't so little anymore. Time flew by, things changed, and now he was here with Sprx. He was rather intrigued by the lizard. Didn't know why exactly, but he felt the need to protect him. Maybe he thought Sprx showed promise in surviving this less-than-perfect world. Maybe it's his soft old heart acting up again.

    Or maybe.. somehow, he saw himself in the little guy.

    "Tell ya what.. we could head back to that restaurant. Remember the leftovers we found at the back alley? Ain't a full course meal, but still a treat." 'Leftovers' was just a better term for 'scraps' in this case. But what was he to do? Stripes reached the other end of the roof and leaped down onto the fire escape, looking up at the other.
    "Sound good?"

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    Re: The New Mutants in Town (Tags Stripes)

    Post by Sprx on Mon Apr 25, 2016 2:11 pm

    Sprx's tail twitched in anticipation. The vermilion colored mutant was easily influenced and driven by food. His diet before the mutation consisted only of rat and mice flesh, a taste he was no longer interested in. Anytime Stripes tempted him with food, Sprx would follow the wolf hybrid like a hungry little puppy in search for a biscuit. Yes, a good dumpster dive from a gourmet restaurant sounded great right about now, especially when that particular restaurant was famous for its meats. 

    He scuttled down the fire escape on all fours, then proceeded to walk on his two back legs. Sprx's stomach painfully groaned, which he quickly grasped with his arms. "Right now...I'll take anything we can dish up. The question is, Old Man, are you ready to venture into PD territory?"
    All the best hot spots for food were in China Town, unfortunately run by the scum who had a strong disliking for Sprx and Stripes.


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    Re: The New Mutants in Town (Tags Stripes)

    Post by Stripes on Sat Jul 09, 2016 12:55 pm

    The corners of his lips curved to a grin as he watched Sprx's reaction. It was to be expected. He knew the scaly mutant well enough to figure the mere talk of food would be enough of a motivation. No matter how challenging circumstances were, somehow, they would pull through.

    Stripes allowed a chuckle to escape him. "I should be askin' you that question, tough guy." With a toothy smile, he leaped down onto the alleyway. "And don't get ahead of yourself. I ain't a feeble ol' gramps, kiddo." The hybrid snorted in a light-hearted manner. One thing about working with Sprx; it's like a never-ending game. Heck it takes him back to the good old days...

    The duo soon neared their destination. Ah, China Town... the thug-infested wonderland. They might get a pretty interesting appetizer.
    And he wasn't talking about food.

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