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    Hamato Raphael

    Hamato Leonardo
    Hamato Leonardo

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    Hamato Raphael

    Post by Hamato Leonardo on Wed Dec 16, 2015 10:36 pm



    Raphael is known to be the second oldest of the Hamato brothers. His skin is a darker shade of green, while his eyes are striking green/amber. He wears his iconic red mask over his eyes along with dark brown belt, elbow and knee pads. His shell displays evident battle damage, most notably the lightning bolt-shaped chip on his plastron and carapace across his left shoulder. While his weapons of choice are the twin Sai, he has no qualms in putting his fists to good use in battle.

    Growing up, Raph trains zealously, thus making him toned in build and thereby acting as the Muscle of the team. He takes great pride in his strength, never wanting to appear vulnerable. This leads him to hide all sentimental emotions as he tends to display an attitude; barking out snide and usually hurtful remarks, or even lashing out at those close to him. Being impulsive, sullen, and unruly, Raphael's temper is as much of a strength as it is a weakness. Inability to control it puts a major strain in his relationship with his brothers, typically Leonardo.
    Despite all that, not many have seen the softer side of the hothead. At the end of the day, he is -- and always will be -- passionately loyal and protective of his family, playing the role of the ever dependable brother he is.

    -> Raph has weak knees, due to an accident during training when he was younger. Since then he has extra wrappings under his knee pads.
    -> As a child, he hated the cracked edges on his shell.
    -> Apart from painting and magazine collecting, he enjoys drumming in his spare time, partly for the rhythmic tones and that it is a fairly good way to let off steam.
    -> He is a meat lover, personally liking extra meat on his pizza.
    -> Raph gets nausea quite easily.
    -> While he loves his Sai, he also favored the Tonfa and Manriki-gusari.


    {History goes here}

    rp sample

    Never did he think he'd be so sick of the color of his own mask.
    The strange red substance that contaminated the city's water supply -- that's what started it all. It was all over the news; with people panicking once the contamination started claiming lives, like a disease or something.

    It was hopeless. Pathetic. They couldn't do anything but flee. He still had no clue who those freaks were that attacked them out of nowhere.
    Damn it all.
    He should have fought harder. He could have stopped those goons. Then Splinter would be with them right now...

    Week after week and they're still out at the farm. With every day that goes by, Raphael was losing more of his patience. For the past few days, he was rarely at the house, going out to who knows where and back late at night. Whenever he was around, he's more than likely to snap and lash out at the smallest of matters, unwittingly bringing morales down. He was just tired, anxious, and upset. They all were.

    The brawny terrapin had not been in bed.
    Pushing open the front door, he sluggishly entered the house and made his way towards the kitchen, not appearing as though he cared about the time... or anything and anyone around him for that matter. The others should be asleep; besides Donnie who's been going nowhere in coming up with a solution to the plague, and Leo who's probably glued to that stupid desk, believing that there may still be a way... that there was still hope.

    And what did Raph think? It's been a while since they fled. What's left of the city now? What was those black-clad agents' deal? How sure were they that Splinter was still alive?

    Why even bother?

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