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    Get Out Alive (Open for Group)

    Hamato Michelangelo
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    Post by Hamato Michelangelo on Wed Jul 13, 2016 2:41 am

    It was a small hug, but a hug was still a hug.  Mikey could tell Raph didn't really want to return it, but hey, it was worth a shot.  And Mike still received one in return!  That was the best he could hope for from the brooding Raphael.  He would take it.  No one could resist those pouting blue eyes, after all.

    Mikey embraced him again, burying his face into his brother's shoulder before letting him go.  His eyes were still wet, but he was smiling at least a little.  All the brothers were talking, so that was definitely a good thing.  It was something Mikey really missed in these past few weeks.  Some brotherly interaction with ALL of them.
    Hamato Donatello
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    Post by Hamato Donatello on Sun Jul 31, 2016 11:23 am

    Don huffed and rubbed his chestnut eyes with his palms. It was true how they were just sulking around and not getting anything done. Nothing except for moping about while the optimistic spirit he had tried to keep was fading in and out as the days passed by in the hell they called, "The safe house". He then turned his head to the leader in blue as he suggested to venture forth outside. Donatello was a bit perplexed and cocked his head to the side while lightly tugging at the shoulder belt buckle on his chest that he carried his bo in, which he hasn't used since the day they left the sewer. He could just feel his skills as a ninja being numbed with out training everyday. And hearing Leo blurt out those words made him nervous but happy. He's actually going to go outside for once. 

    Donatello nodded at their leader and turned his attention back to Mikey, who seemed more happy then he had been for a while. It made the taller turtle smile with relief. 

    The bo welder lightly rubbed his partched throat. Had he even eaten today? Gosh, he couldn't really remember. Damn, even his mind was numbing without having anything to do, scary. Donnie snapped his head back to Leo as he called out to him, unaware he spaced out. 

    "M-me? I'm fine. " he answered dryly. Donnie was excited slightly to hear Leo have concern for him.. How long had it been since he felt like his brother cared anymore?...

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    Post by Neon on Tue Sep 20, 2016 12:49 am

    Many things have happened over the coarse of April's life, from loosing and gaining jobs, being pushed down or fighting for herself, living her normal human life... or embarking on a journey along side four giant mutant turtles, their rat master, and a crazy hockey vigilante. Which in any case seemed most exciting. April was thankful for the road she was put on, for her life lit up a great amount ever since she took a chance to break out of her dull state and become something, someone. It was all thanks to her turtle friends, her family. She loved them dearly - for they and Master Splinter who she now called Sensei had taught her what lies beneath her capabilities, and so she trained herself to become a Kunoichi, not just some reporter who caught eyes in any direction, no. She was more than that! She was strong, she was as smart and sharp as her skills were in her job and her passion, and though her fighting skills had a long way she kicked major ass.

    Eventually April was proud to be able to train along side her family when she could, and do nothing but give her all to protect them - allowing traits off each brother to sink into her and make her become stronger. April was ready... ready for anything!

    Anything except for one mishap, which started with one accident, that had happened right near where she was reporting and that she overlooked.

    The city was in shambles in less than a month and her new job was gone, along with everything she held dear from memories to mementos kept safe in her home as New York became a wasteland of plague -  a true horror fest she wanted no part of. This was something she had never expected to happen and had not the slightest clue as to how it came to be, a city once known for its glow, a destination site for anyone around the globe now at a catastrophic danger zone that may never end.

    Before it could have gotten any worse April was luckily pulled along with her gang one night, taken from what she called home she watched it crash and burn behind her as those ocean blue pools captured every sight from death and natural disasters. She was just lucky enough to not have been one of those poor unfortunate souls that perished a slow painful death, taken from her comfort area she never had been so thankful;

    And with that there was some sort of flash and she was running through the sewers. Her heels clacked and sloshed along the thick waters as it flicked up and sprayed along her yellow jacket, white tank and blue jeans, but her attire didn't matter, she just tried not to fall behind as she was being pulled by the newest member of their group to safety. Casey was the one to got her out that night, and how they all re-joined to get to a safe distance away from the chaos.

    But she would never forget that night once they all escaped and Raphael had brought Leo out...
    The way the leader collapsed to his knees like he had seen a ghost, they almost didn't get him into the vehicle. And so began the poison that infected the family, causing it to fall ever so slowly from the loss of their beloved father that night.

    April prayed Master Splinters survival as much as any, but her sanity began to crumble too as the emotions drained from that farm-house turning everything black and white, she became restless as the house fell silent for weeks on end, you could hear it creak in the dead of night and day.


    She didn't know how long it had been since that dreadful night, or if she was loosing her mind or not. April awoke at dawn to take a hot shower and dress into her white tank, yellow jacket, blue jeans and brown booted heels, all somewhat clean from hand washes except her boots that were stained from that haunted night.

    The red head exited her room once finished rubbing a towel over her head a few times to get those fiery red locks dried as best as they could, she hated to say it but she did miss those over-priced products she bought to maintain the mess she called hair, but a brush would do. She was becoming some sort of jungle princess, but she didn't mind it too much.

    With a deep sigh April went to head to the kitchen feeling slightly peckish when she noticed a scrunched up can on the table and a chair pushed out harshly and instantly her mind went to Raphael, but soon her ears picked up voices and she rotated her head towards the upstairs, seeing the hallway somewhat crowded and those familiar voices bounce off the thin walls. The woman felt a small weight fall off her heart when she scanned those large shadows and the tips of shells out the door. 

    Adjusting the collar of her jacket April tossed her wavy red hair over her left shoulder and paced herself up the steps. Normally she didn't want to interrupt the brothers in any dire moment but hell, she did miss them, and she only hoped them being together and rambling was them actually working something out to get somewhere...

    She knew Leo had been cooped in his room for a long period of time and not taking care of himself, but neither were the others as they all pushed away from one another, she didn't want to butt-in and make anything worse, so now was as good as any to make sure they were all okay... or at least getting there.

    Picking up the last of Donatello's sentence the rather short young woman planted herself behind Raph and Donnie outside the door, her small soft hands placed on Raph's and Donnie's shell's as she spoke up.

    "...Room for one more?"

    April allowed a small smile to stretch against her pink lips as she awaited the others to turn and meet her face to face, it had been quite a long time they had all been this close, and her heart swelled to be able to see them all in the same place once again. April's features seemed a bit tired, her hair tossed messily over one shoulder and her clothes were just slipped on for another day, but regardless April was still April. Just as pretty as she had been on T.V. The woman waited, and once so she looked at each of their faces with those big blue eyes, so happy to see them again even if the circumstances weren't so great.


    ((Hello everyone! This story is fantastic so far, I'm so excited to be apart. Sorry for the delay and enormous text pft. I hope this is good enough! I'll just state now the April I'm using is the one from my Icon not the little header at the bottom of the reply, I will be using Scarlett Johansson! c: I look forward to writing with you all owo))
    Hamato Raphael
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    Post by Hamato Raphael on Sat Oct 08, 2016 4:56 pm

    Raph stood mostly still, letting the younger turtle embrace him. His expression was rather unreadable; whether he was feeling appalled, awkward, or touched... it’s hard to tell. His hand moved up to the top of Mikey’s head. “Alright, alright.. we’re all good here. Now toughen up a little, wouldja? Get teary eyed like that in front of the enemy and see what good it does for ya..” He scoffed, though in a way it sounded like he was admonishing.
    A part of him did feel awful. Things were rough and he selfishly chose to isolate himself. He was supposed to protect, not put a rift between familial bonds.
    The sound of footsteps coming up the stairs brought him out of his train of thoughts, and he turned his gaze to his side just as he felt the soft touch against his shell. He wouldn’t need to look to tell who it was.
    “Always with the perfect timing,” Raph murmured in acknowledgement to the redhead. His eyes then flickered elsewhere, feeling obligated to ask.

    “..How’re ya holdin’ up?”

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    Hamato Leonardo
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    Get Out Alive (Open for Group) - Page 2 Empty Re: Get Out Alive (Open for Group)

    Post by Hamato Leonardo on Wed Oct 12, 2016 12:03 pm

    Leo wasn't exactly convinced by Donnie's tone -- the genius was hurting. Before the blue-clad could reply, however, April finally made her presence known. Leo straightened in his seat, feeling a pang of guilt. Shell, did they wake her? He hoped their human friend wasn't losing sleep because of them... They had to get their act together sooner or later.
    "I was just discussing with Donnie our plans for tomorrow."
    He stood abruptly and folded his arms, glancing at her with a look of concern in his blue eyes. Raph had already asked the question on Leo's mind, now he waited for her to answer.

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    Hamato Donatello
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    Get Out Alive (Open for Group) - Page 2 Empty Re: Get Out Alive (Open for Group)

    Post by Hamato Donatello on Fri Oct 14, 2016 7:09 pm

    Donatello blinked his maroon eyes at the young reporter as he felt the loveing prescience of her hand against his shell. He looked over at [size=32]Her with a genuine smile and tired eyes. [/size]

    "Always, April. " he answered her before Raph's snarky comments which only made him chuckle a little. 

    "Yeah.. How are you holding up April?" He asked with concern for his best friends health. He hasn't seen much of her-- he hasn't seen Much of any one, however she was most absent. Especially in his makeshift laboratory. She was his helper when she had the time and gradually they broke out of that sync. He missed that dearly..
    Hamato Michelangelo
    Hamato Michelangelo

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    Post by Hamato Michelangelo on Wed Oct 19, 2016 2:27 am

    Mikey gave his brother one final squeeze with his arms then let him go.  He wiped his eyes free of the tears, not taking offense to Raph's little stab about being weak in front of everyone.  It was typical Raph, after all.  A little normalcy felt good after all this time.

    Now he had his sights set on the new person who entered the room.  "April!" he cried and latched onto her.  He was really enjoying the physical contact that hugs provided tonight.  He hugged her tightly, also anxious to hear how their favorite red-haired reporter was holding up.  It was pretty obvious how he and his brothers were doing.

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