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    Application for Donatello Hamato accpunt ~ By TurtleBruh (12/28/16)

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    Application for Donatello Hamato accpunt ~ By TurtleBruh (12/28/16)

    Post by Hamato Leonardo on Tue Jan 12, 2016 1:57 pm

    Name: Donatello Hamato


    Race:mutant/hybrid turtle 

    Group:Hamato clan

    Appearance: wears a purple mask, has maroon or ,in some light settings, reddish eyes, a gap in his teeth near the front of the mouth, has a very noticeable Addams apple , he is six foot four inches, wears a dark brown belt across the plastron with a gold buckle, his middle is snapped like a tall box and his shell is more narrow as a result, he has brown elbo and knee pads and foot coverings, white wrappings over his fingers, several battle marks on his shell, he is not very muscular but isnt to skinny. And is offten carrying a bo staff on his back. 

    Personally: donatello is very geeky . afften in his lab , considering his loner attitude. Sometimes he will venture out into the lair  , and watch TV with the brothers or part take in a game of pin-ball or train together. Donnie is very smart, always working on newer and harder problems .often building stress in him causing sudden out bursts when the other bothers bug him or touch his stuff. He likes things done his own unique way. He is very inventive always coming up with new ideas in the heat of pressure. He has a huge crush on April and offren is shy and unstable around her . he and Casey Jones have a bit of a rivalry for her heart . other then that Donnie is very calm and collected . 

    History: Donnie at the begging in was a baby normal turtle. A man adopted him and the three other baby turtles in the tank and was going to take them home but got into a fight with a kraang droid. The mutagen being transfered was spilled and the baby turtles where dumped into the ooz by accident. Mutating them to mutant human turtle hybrids, their master , splinter or Yoshi Hamato, was mutated into a rat. He took them I to the sewers to protect them from the people above . loving them all dearly and equally, naming them after his favorite Renaissance painters and sculptures. Teaching them all the art of the ninja. 

    Sample rp: this is a role play o did with a dark Leo accound on DA. Hope you like it!

    So many years since we have seen Leonardo. One day he just vanished without a trace .we have to find him. We are losing, half of the city has already been taken by shredder and without our leader, we can't win . Raph and Mikey have changed. Mikey is now cold and more ashamed of himself and Raph barely talks to us anymore . and of course master splinter hasn't been well and I fear I can't save him.

    Perhaps I've changed too. I've spent years watching the torment of never knowing what happened to our brother take its toll on all of us, I need to know what happened all those years ago. Why did we wake up with out our big brother that day? What happend, why did it happen.

    Donatello sighed as he closed the tattered note book he had been writing in. what once was a book full of drawings of his brilliant inventions. now was a reminder of the past. Turning it into something like a diary, was something he should have done years ago.
    No more ideas came to his mind any more. no more inspiration, nothing was happy or bright, everything he knew had slipped from his fingertips. why did life have to be so cruel? What happened, And why. 

    Donnie sighed sullenly as he scoots back on his rolling lab chair to check on his brothers. He took it upon himself to keep this family together, and he couldn't do that without going to see the others. Entering the living room he heard the tv and it startled him.

    "Oh Mikey, I told you not to leave-" 

    He stopped seeing his little brother asleep on the couch . the bo wielder smiled and covered him up with a blanket. half listening to the reporter in the back ground .

    "We're here live at New York's Museum to report of a mysterious robber that stole an ancient artifact. A special Katana found within the temples in Japan. The police tried to stop the robber but all were severely injured and beaten by one attacker as it appears. Here is some footage of the police being attacked. The attacker has yet to be identified, but seems to fight using two swords."

    the words ,using two swords, cought Donatello off guard , he shot his attention twords the screen and watched the film they where playing. his heart racing as he saw a shadowy figure that fought apparently by closer look, with two katanas. The robber displayed an amazing amount of ninjutsu on the footage while taking on the police. The police can't seem to catch him nor shoot him fast enough as the robber's actions were swift. 

    As soon as he took down all the policemen he looked to the camera and went over close enough for his silhouette to be made out, an all too familiar figure to the Hamato family. 

    "Oh god, No ,please don't be. " 

     The attacker then punches the camera causing it to static. There was no mistaking it. That silhouette was Leonardo. His eyes in white stealth mode and his expression cold.

    he was alive ? But , But why didn't he come home? why was he stealing that blade? what about his honor ?! Anger filled inside the tall ones heart as he grit his teeth, a scowl plastered on his face. donnie then took a deep breath and let it out.  He would find the answer. He had to. He owed it to everyone to find the truth. but how could he leave ? Splinter was sick, Raph and Mikey needed him. If he left what would become of them? Don ran to the lab and wrote a note, laying it on the table . he then packed a small bag of supplies. slugging it over his shoulder and running out towards the lab exit ,But he stopped. Turning back to look at the sleeping brother on the couch . 

    " don't worry. I'll find the truth, I'll bring him home." 

    With that donnie went topside to find the long lost brother. He stealthily hides in the shadows as he made it to the museum. Looking for evidence of where Leonardo might have gone. before he could venture out into the open, humans carrying the injured men to the ambulance on stretchers made him jump back into the darkness.   His white eyes followed them with sadness. Why did Leo have to do this? Maybe shredder was using control on him somehow or the kraang. it couldn't be his own mind this had to be some kind of trick. Whatever the reason Donnie had to find out what it was. he owed it to his family. avoiding the detectives and random humans that were inside the museum he went back outside not finding anything that would help him and climbed onto the roof top. He growled to himself in frustration. 

    Meanwhile Among the top building not too far from the museum that had just been robbed. The figure stood for a moment, watching. He watched as those people he had injured were being taken in by the ambulance that arrived on the scene. 

    "To prove myself. I had to do everything I can for my clan." He thought as he looked over at the blade he stole, seeming emotionless.

    "Yet. why does it feel so wrong to do this?" As soon as he though that he closed his eyes and immediately turned way, his red scarf swayed.

    "No! I will not fail my clan just because of my regrets. In times like this, my regrets mean nothing." He then prepares to leave 

    "Oh Leo, Where are you?" Donnie looked up at the darkening sky sullenly."no, don't you dare cry you promised yourself you wouldn't! Don't be weak . leo would be disappointed with you if you let your own feelings affect this!! Stop being such a wimp!" He thought to himself. balling his fists he looked down again

    Just then a bright had reflected off leos stolen katana and aimed directly at Donatello's face . he blocked it out with his arm and squents his eyes as he saw someone standing on the other building . it had to be leo. It had to be ! With out warning he saw the figure bolt across the roof tops . donnie followed of course .  There was no way he  would let leo get out of his sights again. But he was just to fast, was he always this fast ?? 

    Donnie tripped on his own feet knocking him down on the floor . His maroon eyes watched helplessly as leo started becoming a small figure in the distance


    Chapter two: the awakening.

    As Leonardo was hopping away from the scene that's when he paused upon hearing an echo and long forgotten nickname. 

    "Leo?" He muttered. Among the Foot Clan, Leonardo was always called by his full name, the nickname made him feel very nostalgic. He felt something he hadn't felt in a while, a feeling of familiarity. He then curiously turns his attention back to the source of the voice he heard from behind him. 

    That's when his blue eyes appeared upon blinking once. Seeing a mutant turtle just like himself, wearing a purple mask. Eyes wide as he was rather surprised by this. But he also saw the turtle had fallen. He also realized that he was calling him. was he? He turned a bit making sure no one else was around, so it must be him. But why? He doesn't even know this turtle, how could he possibly know him? Curiosity struck him. He started going back the way he came .

    Donnie groaned in slight pain seeing he had twisted his ankle and his lungs felt like they were burning from how hard he ran and was breathing , not able to hold back the small tears. He had failed his family, How could he let leo slip by? Why was he so weak?! 

     Donatello barred his teeth and stayed down on the ground laying now on his back and shut his eyes.

    Leo was then right in front of the purple banded turtle, gazing down at him with a lack of emotion on his facial expression yet secretly he held some concern towards the other.

    "Did you call me?" He asked with a monotone voice. "Tell me, who are you?" He asked another question which showed he has no idea nor memory of whom the turtle before him is. 

    Suddenly Donnie heard a voice, it startled the purple banded turtle and he shot up and spun around falling on his butt once again as he couldn't stand on his hurt foot . don hissed with pain as he held his foot but then turned his attention back to the mutant in front of him. Upon close look, Leonardo was adorn a different attire. The once white bandages were black, he had a black belt across his plastron that held his katanas in two pairs of case, he held the stolen katana on one hand, he had metal elbows and knee pads that have the insignia of the Foot Clan, Shredder's mark, he also wore a red scarf around his neck and a black mask.

    a twinge of fear struck don seeing his brother dressed this way? why was he in black? Why did he wear the foot simbol - wait. why didn't he know him?

    " leo? Why are how did you" 

    No words came. he stared at the turtle With wide sad eyes 

    Leo looked utterly confused at the reaction. He then glared and ask again.
    "Tell me, who are you?" This time his voice was rather more demanding. 

    "who I am?" 

    This was a nightmare . why didn't leo remember him? This had to be a nightmare it had to be .  Leo wouldn't ever forget him. Right? 


    His voice was soft and slightly horse. He couldn't take his maroon eyes off of leos dark blue . there had to be somhing he could do to stop this. Something ,anything.

    But then leo realized something, he noticed the other's stance was off. Oh, the other was injured. a slowly forming purple bruise start to appear on the olive green turtle's skin. 

    Something inside him felt like it was tugged. He wasn't sure whether to leave the turtle or help him. But gazing at the other's eyes, something inside him, his long lost instinct as a big brother, was returning. he suddenly knelt down. "Hold still." He ordered the other, glancing at him with seemingly emotionless expression.
    "Tell me, do you trust me?" He asked, he at first didn't want to scare the other knowing the turtle before him looked somewhat afraid of him.

    As leo bent down and was about to care for him he Askee if he trusted him . without hesitation donnie answers 

    " yes. I trust you with my life, leo"

    Donnie extended his leg motioning him it was ok for leo to touch his wound not losing his eye contact with his long lost brother , leo was caught off guard by that answer and the nickname, his expression changing again to shock. He didn't have much time to think of that now, he started doing a hand position, the very one Donatello must know, the same technique used to cure them of Karai's snake poison. Leo performed the technique perfectly to start healing Don's injured foot. 

    Donnie's eyes slowly went down watching leo do the technique splinter had tought him , Remembering how leo saved him and the others from dying that day. He snapped out if his thoughts when leo stood up and asked his question. 

    "There. That should do it. Now, can you stand?" The other stood up straight once he was done. He crossed his arms over his chest. His expression going blank again.

    " oh yes, I think so ." 

    he reached for his staff and used it to help him get up . applying pressure on his foot to make sure he was ok and put away the bo staff. 

    "Leo I - you"

    to many questions

    Leo sighed. "It's no secret that you obviously know me, I don't have much time alright? Just tell me how you know me, start with that." Leonardo suggested, hoping to speed up the process to return back to the Foot Clan to present the stolen blade.
    "I have a mission I need to turn back to and I don't have much time." He looked over to the blade on his hand that of which he stole from the museum.

    Seeing leo this way.
    The way he snapped at him the way he did, how he prized the blade he stole . it made donnies heart sink seeing such a brave worrior become something so, unlike him.

    "I thought you cared about honor. what's become of you, brother? " Donnie looked down at him still taller then his big brother . 

    Now his blue eyes shot up wide in surprise. Did he hear that correctly from the other turtle's mouth? Did he just call him, brother?

    "B-Brother?" He stuttered, as he repeats the last word the taller had said. He was practically taken aback by this. He tried to get his composure right despite this shocking discovery.

    "Brother? I-I have a brother? How!?" He was getting a bit agitated from confusion. "And I do value honor it's just." He cut himself off. He knew the other referred to why he stole something. He bit his lip slightly unable to continue his sentence due to such a lot of confusion.

    "You are my older brother and you have 2 more !! And a father who is dying and misses you dearly !! "

    Donnie took a Deep breath he couldn't let this frustration cloud his mind. obviously something bad must have happened to leo making his brother forget. He spoke calmly 

    " leo, please you have to remember. we need you. we need out brother back, its been 3 years since you disappeared. "

    Leo was finding it hard to take all this in at once. 

    "I. I. I have b-brothers?" He felt like something in his head snapped and a surge of pain started to flow through his mind. He screamed out.

    "AAAAAAHHH!!" He clenched his head with both of his hands as he dropped the blade he stole.

    "H-How!? HOW!? This doesn't m-make s-sense! How!?" He yelled out as he still kept clenching his head with the pain getting worse."Make it stop! Make it stop!!" He yelled in pain dropping to one knee. His body shook.

    Donnie watched as leo began to shake . was it in disbelief or anger or - no he was in pain! Donnie quickly came to the aid of his brother but the pain became worse in the leaders head . something trying to break free but whatever it was it harmed the courageous Leonardo even to the point of his falling on his knee for balance .

    "Leo?! Hold on I've got you!!"

    Donnie fell to his side and laid him down on the ground of the rooftop. Leo's head continued to be in pain. Desperate for support he grabbed onto Donatello with one arm while using his other to hold his head. He breathed in and out sharply and continued to quiver.

    He could then see an image of himself in a stretcher, strapped down and trying to struggle, seeing images flash in his mind as he continued to feel pain through his head. What he was seeing was previous memories of what could've happen to him. He could see he tried to struggle in a panic, he could see a dark figure approach him, he could hear mocking laughter.

    "Stop! STOP! STOP IT!!" He was yelling to the dark figure he saw within the flashback he was experiencing. He could then see a surge of electricity. 

    " leo listen to me , concentrate on the sound  of my voice,  everything is going to be ok . you have to trust me I'll, make it better . ok? relax."

    Donnie grabbed his bag and laid leos head in it as a pillow and rubbed his head soothingly trying to ease the tension his brother felt . 

    "I'll tell you everything but you must listen can you do that?"He looked down at his brother worried for his health . 

    "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" He then heard a voice call out to him, he could hear Donatello's voice that felt rather distant and a blurry echo, yet he knew he was calling him and telling him something. He gave the purple turtle a pained look before his blue eyes raised almost going to the back of his head as he utterly passes out from the intense pain.

    Donnie heard his brother screaming in agony . it killed him hearing this. he had to be remembering something. it was the only explanation, donnie could only watch as leo began to faint from the horrible bitter pain in his mind.

    " leo don't worry I'll get you somewhere safer. I'll take care of you like you would do for me." 

    Donnie lightly stroked his head as wind blew threw his mask tails making them flutter in the breeze. looking around he picked up the unconscious brother in his arms and ran down the fire escape and into an old hospital . now abandoned and forgotten , it was perfect for his purposes.

    Chapter three: tails of woe

    Donnie laid leo on a couch in the lobby as he scowered for any medical supplies he could find . pain killers , sedatives, anything he could find useful. He returned with a few supplies he could find in the old hospital including a blanket from a storage room . Donnie quickly went to the brothers side and laid the blanket over top of the brave leader . 

    Leonardo gave slow breathing during his unconscious state. He gave a low groan as a memory plays within his mind. It was a rather cloudy image of the past that depicted four turtles playing together. He didn't know how but he knew one of those was him. He didn't know why, but upon seeing this happy memory he smiled as his expression in reality went calm and he gave a small smile.

    the smile upon this big brother face made don smiled as well, he had missed that smiled so much. snapping out of the thoughts he mixed a few of the pain killers into a syringe and placed it in the turtles arm . the liquid entering his brothers blood stream.

    Upon the pain killers being applied to him, his pained head numbed. He rested for a while as flashes of memories that should seem familiar to him were flashing within his mind. He flinched, he wanted to recall these moments but something just kept clouding them back up.

    "he should be feeling better soon. Leo I'm sorry I should have realized you couldn't take all that in at once . I was so over come with joy that ."

    Donnie sighed . some things are just to hard to admit. 

    While Leo was unconscious , Donatello had removed his mask and other gear and set them aside so Leo could breath easier. Having found a power box and rerouted the power to the lobby they were bright enough for Leo to rest and for him to see once he had awakend. Donnie had also put a damp cloth over Leos head in case he started to sweat , and pulled up a chair watching over the lost brother.  As the night grew so did sleep . Donnie dozed off in the chair his head on his shoulder, in the light sleep he was in.  A small sound could wake the turtle, and it did.

    Leonardo started regaining consciousness as he slowly started getting up, rubbing his head. He then lets a soft groan escape his lips. 

    "Ughn Where am I?" He looked around seeing he was within what appears to be a make-shift hospital

    Leos soft groan and words woke don right up . he took in a sharp breath not realizing he fell asleep but realized Leo was awake . 

    " Leo? How do you feel ?" He smiled his tooth gap showing 

    Leonardo's gaze eventually fell upon the purple banded turtle.

    "You again? You were you the one that brought me here and helped me?"

    Leo rubbed his head. He was still rather confused still due to the obvious brainwashing that was done to him.

    "U-Umm. Donatello was it? Th-Thank you I uhh normally don't say that to anyone but thanks."

    Leo felt relieved the pain was gone but at the same time rather upset he couldn't figure out what those flash of memories were. They were so close yet he couldn't see pass the darkness which visibly made him rather upset and felt alone."Oh and i Feel alright now " He replies to the other whom asked a question.

    Donnie saw that the other was slightly confused . why wouldn't he be ? He had woke up in a strange place after a strange turtle claimed that a strange relationship was between them and that a strange event caused leo to forget their strange back story . strange wasn't it? 

    "Heh yeah that's right but you can call me donnie. don't hurt yourself ,the medication I gave you will last about another hour. So just relax. oh and you are welcome." Donnie smiled and nodded at the other turtle handing him a water bottle. " here drink this , it will help to calm down. I know you are confused and probably in a panic ,but no matter what I'm here to help you. also I'm very sorry about before I should never had told you all that at once.  I must be more patient. We start with small details , ok? "Don smiled reassuringly to his brother.

    Taking the water bottle he nods in agreement. Things were still very confusing to him. 

    "Uhh.You, You called me b-brother, on the rooftop a while ago, right Donnie?" 

    He asked, using the other turtle's nickname. Donnie. For some reason, it felt as though it was familiar to him somehow. Yet he just couldn't figure out where he's heard it before.

    "Master never told me I had brothers nor has he said that there were more mutant turtles like me."
    Donnie sighed. Shredder had done a huge number on the other turtle. It pained him seeing Leo this way . but he kept his calm composure and nodded along.

    " yes, We are family.  Your, uh, master isn't the good guy, we are . you see you are apart of the Hamato clan with hamato Yoshi. Besides me there's Raphael, and Michelangelo. You are considered the oldest . Raph is second I am third and Mikey is youngest . " 

    Donnie tried not to go to fast so the brother wouldn't have another eepisod. Leonardo's eyes shot up wide. 

    "No way." He gasped out. He shook his head in disbelief.

    "Y-Your from, the Hamato Clan!?" Leo couldn't believe it. The turtle he saved and helped him was from the enemies side, and what he was telling him was even harder for him to believe.

    "No. N-No!" He held his head. "It can't be!" He turned away.

    "I was told Hamato Yoshi murdered master's beloved Tang Shen, and that master was stolen from the Foot Clan for them to reach it's downfall and for the Hamato Clan to be victorious! Why would I be a family member of someone whose done such things!?" Leonardo looked infuriated and if he didn't feel weak right now he might have lashed out.

    "Yet." His expression suddenly calmed a bit. "You, from a clan so cruel, you, you helped me." Leo started second guessing. "But. but how do I know. You aren't lying to me as well like your master did with my master!" He accused feeling a bit betrayed yet something about the other's eyes had him second guessing. He felt like he is telling the truth just by looking at him which cause Leo's expression to go several ways, frustration, confusion, sadness. Nothing was making sense to him right now. He clenched his head again trying to think.

    Donnie was rather hurt by these accusations . it took much effort not to lash out and yell back at Leonardo . but he kept reminding himself that Leo was still brainwashed and that these were not true. He had no idea what had truly happened . Donnie took a deep breath and spoke very slowly and calmly so the other would understand . 

    "No. that's not what happened at all. He lied to you just like he always dose . shredder was saved by yoshis father and they were raised as brothers . when they met tang shen , Saki became jealous of splinter because she had chosen him to be with . they married and had a daughter together they called miwa. The anger only festered into hatred, and one night shredder struck. Shen was killed by Saki. with the blow that was meant for hamato Yoshi. Their home cought on fire and shredder escaped scarred by the flames. And kidnapped miwa as His own."

    Don looked away saddened by this story he spoke passionately about . it hurt to talk about the horrific past between the masters. He looked back at Leo and continued .

    "I would have saved you, even if you were the most evil piece of-,I would have saved you even if you weren't my brother, because I won't let hatred come between someone's life . do you understand, brother? "

    Leo saw, by Looking closely at the other's expression, That hurt feeling. There wasn't any doubt. The other wasn't lying to him. Even the last part he sense no lies. 

    "I-I." He couldn't help but stutter. He couldn't find the words to say anything correctly. All he could say was.

    "I'm sorry." He looked down sadden. "I-I didn't know. I-I never knew." Realizing now that his master had lied to him. It filled him with anger.

    "I-I was separated. from my family. m-my real family .I-I can't remember a-anything!" He clenched his fists then his hands shot up to grasp his skull. "I just want to remember!" He shouted in frustration with some sorrow. "M-My .real family." That's when Leo started to have tears in the corner of his eyes. "I'm so sorry Donatello. I've been blind and foolish, and now I'm hurting a family member whom I can't even remember!" He clench his head more so in frustration, nearly digging his nails to his skin.

    Donnie took his wrists in his hands and pulled them down . looking directly into the leaders eyes . a smile crossing his lips . 

    "Leo, all you need to do at this point is relax. I'm going to help you. The first step is acceptance ." 

    Donnie spoke soothingly tying to let Leonardo know he was trufully going to help him . not matter what, but then Donnie's phone rang, he let go of Leos wrists and took out his phone . 

    " hello- Mikey? Are you ok??- "

    Mikeys voice could be heard from the other end of Donnie's phone he sounded very upset and scared . 

    " dude ! Where the hell are you?! "

    "Mikey I told you I had to get some -" he looked at Leo. "supplies." 

    "I don't care !! You better come h-home, p-please. D-dont leave."

    "Oh Mikey. don't worry I'm on my way. " Donnie looked at Leo and sighed " hold on Mikey ill call you ba-"

    "No!!" Mikey cut off Donnie despretly "stay on the phone. p-please, till you get home?"

    " ok I'll stay on the phone Mikey, don't worry I'm here . "

    Donnie mutes the phone on his end and sighed sadly . he was cought between a rock and a hard place . 

    " Leo, I-I have to go, um. meet me here tomorrow at midnight . I'll continue helping you out with memories-. I don't think it wise if you come back with me . I don't want to risk another episode.  " 

    He stood up , the other turtle on the line freaking out again 


    " I'm here I'm here. " 

    "Who was that and why did he sound-concerned?" Leonardo managed to overhear the conversation and the orange clad younger's voice.

    "That-voice sounds so familiar. yet- so sad and worried. was it b-because of me?" Leonardo's guilt once again grows as well as worry as he hears Donnie is leaving.

    "I absolutely refuse to go back to the Foot Clan after what I've just heard!" Leo said strongly.

    "Ma--No. Shredder. 
    Lied to me! He hurt my real family!" Once again the sea green turtle was infuriated. When he feels his physicality is alright again he tries to look for his katanas as he gets up. 

    "Where are my weapons?" He asked Donatello with a serious look.

    Donnie looked at leo as he said the voice in the other line was fimilier . a twinge of hope filled the tall ones heart . but as leo continued speaking he became more agitated. Donnie shook his head and made him sit back down 

    "Mikey hold on a second ok? I'll stay on the line I swear . "

    "O-okay." Mikey replied very afraid of the possibilities.

    Donnie put the phone down and put his hand on Leo's shoulder 

    " leo I know you want revenge on the shredder but you know its not the right time. He will pay for what he did to you . But you must pretend like this never happened .  Do you understand? I need you to go back on your mission.  Shredder can't know that I was here.  Or that I helped you.'

    donnie grabbed the stolen katana from the place of rest and sighed sitting it against the lobby couch . 

    " you must return. If you don't shredder will come looking for you and that won't end well for the both of us. Do you trust what I'm telling you brother?. " 

    Donnie showed hurt in his voice and eyes . of course he didn't want leo to go back either but, But there was no telling what would happened if he refused. 

    "When you are ready I will take you back to our lair and you will be reunited with your family. I promise. "
    He thought about it for a moment as he then lets out a sigh and nods.

    "We will see each other again. you have my word. Brother." He took a bow to him. "I wish to know more but it'd seem now just isn't the right time. But. If I ever forget you again. please know that if I ever tried to hurt you, or anyThing. I-I didn't do it out of want. so, with that being said. This is goodbye for now but not forever. So do not grieve brother, I swear to you I'll return back here." He assured even giving him a smile.

    Donnie waited for his older brother to answer. Knowing how hard this was for the both of them. But hearing leo speak so passionately about wanting to remember and return gave the purple banded turtle hope. He turned to leave after giving a smile and quick nod but stopped . rushing back and giving leo a brotherly hug.  Was it a bit silly and childish ? Of course it was but he couldn't stop himself . it was a wonderful feeling to have his brother back . 

    " whatever happens I'll never stop believing in you. Never . " 

    His eyes widen as the taller turtle hugged him. A connection. he felt a tug within him. He felt like pouring his emotions out as the corner of his eyes watered a bit. He slowly lifted his arms and hugged the other back tight. He refuse to breakdown in front of his brother so he says.

    "Thank you." In a quivery tone, not wishing to let go of the other, but eventually they separate.

    "Please. do me one favor. If you can. I wish to at least see the others you've mentioned." 
    He referred to Mikey and Raph. 

    "If not both, at least one of them." 

    Leonardo turned, holding the blade as he starts to head out the window.
    Donnie felt the others want to cry happily . but leo was to proud and strong to let himself cry in front of the the little brother .  he felt a bit sad to back away from their hug but he knew he had to go. 

    Donnie listens to the the others words and nodded slightly , it would mean the world to the others to see him again. But knowing Raph he would be so pissed at leo and start yelling . and Mikey. Oh- mikey!  He had forgotten the other turtle on his phone . he quickly picked it uP but also answered leos statement. 

    " as soon as you are ready to see them I'll take you back to our home. And you can see the brothers. And father again. I know they will be so happy to see you again. I swear. I'll see you latter "

    he smiled and ran out of the building and back home . talking to his little brother over the phone as he went to the sewers.  when he got back to the lair, mikey ran to him and hugged him tightly . his little body shaking from worry of losing another brother. 

    "Hey hey hey mikey. No need for that. You know I couldn't ever leave . " 

    " that's wh-what leo-o said !" 

     Donnie sighed softly . knowing that leo didn't do this on purpose. But he couldn't tell mikey that yet . he casualty hugged back and stroked the brothers head letting him get out his emotions. Hushing him softly . he looked go seeing Raphael exiting his room . a rare sight indeed, he never talked to nor looked at the others for any reason nowadays. But this time he went over to them and spoke. 

    " you uh. Ok?" His voice was low and a bit monotone . not emotion in his face . donnie nodded and sat down with mikey in the chair. 

    " I'm ok Raph. Thanks.  " Donatello looked down at Mikey who was now falling to sleep . he wipes his brothers tears and sighed sadly . Raph slowly sat down in the couch beside them. Donnie looked a bit surprised . he never did this not since leo left. 

    " um. I guess I should tell you never to do that again." He muttered looking down at the tiled floor . 

    " heh. Yea ok . you know I have to , for supplies and medicine for sensei.  "

    Raph only nodded and stood up again . going back to his room. Donatello wathced him leave and looked at the brother sleeping on him . "don't worry guys. I'll save him." Donnie thought to himself .

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