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    Example Application

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    Example Application

    Post by Hamato Leonardo on Thu Jul 07, 2016 8:03 pm



    Leonardo is a male, mutated turtle around 5 feet tall. His skin coloring is closer to the lighter side when compared to his brothers, while his shell and plastron are a light brown color.

    Leo is the most calm and spiritual of the group, the level headed leader and the most skilled in Ninjustu. As the oldest, he often times acts as a father figure to his brothers, while always putting them and others first. Do not be mistaken, however, for Leo can become lethal at a moments notice if called for. Otherwise he is disciplined, structured, and serious, with an occasion of cracking a few light jokes every now and then with Mikey.

    He holds a close bond with Splinter and sees his master as an idol. Strictly he follows Splinters teachings and passes them on to his brothers. He has a strong sense of honor and compassion, always trying to see the good and the best in people. Leo follows the Bushido code which he strongly believes in, developing his entire life style to be based off the ways of a humble and moral ninja.

    His personality clashes with Raphael's, causing much tension and competition between the two. More often than not, Raph is found arguing with Leo and his leadership skills, in which the older turtle responds in a calm and dignified manner. Over all, Leo is a spitting image a younger Splinter, The Prodigal or "Better" Son, and the Golden Boy. On the inside, however, Leo harvests much self doubt in himself and his leadership. Perfection is a must for him, and failure isn't an option. Very rarely will you see Leo break down, but when he does, he breaks hard, even gaining post traumatic stress after a threatening battle with the Shredder. (2003 Series)


    Leonardo was a pet turtle bought by a young boy along with three others. An accident caused the boy to drop the bowl which resulted in the four turtles being tossed into the sewer system of New York. There, the four had been covered in an odd chemical which allowed them to grow in size, as well as intelligence and form human-like features. ( The ability to walk and talk like a human being )

    A rat in the same predicament took in and cared for the turtles, who raised them as his sons and started to teach them the art of martial arts and ninjutsu, thus resulting the Ninja Turtles today.

    rp sample

    Leonardo ran a hand over his tired eyes while slouching in his chair. He’d never had this kind of pressure on his shoulders before, and it was starting to tear him up inside. Sure there was always the possibility of danger for them being who they are, but so far he’d managed to always get the team through every obstacle. So how was it that he was able to mess so up badly this time? What did he miss? There was obviously something more going on regarding Splinters disappearance, he just had to figure it out.

    The light knock on the door interrupted the turtle’s thoughts. By the second knock, Leo had abandoned his place in the corner to answer. The leader’s tired eyes met Donatello’s, and he remembered his promise to join them for dinner, which Leo obviously broke. Donnie wasn’t looking any better than he felt, and a wave of concern fluttered through him. He pushed the door open further and gestured for the genius to come inside.
    “I’m sorry, I…I was caught up in something.”

    He noticed Mikey lingering by the top of the steps and did his best to offer him a gentle smile. Leo was deep in other matters that he’d forgotten about his brothers. Splinter would have scolded him for something like this; your brothers are alive and with you, focus on their well being.

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