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    Casey Jones

    Casey Jones
    Casey Jones

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    Casey Jones

    Post by Casey Jones on Tue Jul 19, 2016 9:53 pm




    Casey Jones has medium-length, dark brown hair that drapes down around his shoulders. His eyes are also brown. It isn't uncommon to see Casey sporting a bandana, of varying designs and colors, tied around his head. Due to being a total workout freak, Casey has a good deal of muscle to show off through form-fitting clothes. He is more habitual to wearing loose and baggy clothing because of his own laziness. Casey prefers wearing a sleeveless top, like a muscle shirt, and a pair of sweat pants with old sneakers. A pair of cropped, fingerless gloves adorn his hands. Sometimes he'll throw on a long-sleeved top with rolled-up sleeves and a denim vest. Casey stands at a solid six-foot-two and towers over the turtles. As a vigilante, he applies a custom hockey mask in the form of a skull. It's a sleeker, more imposing version of a goalie's mask. Casey can also be seen sporting various hockey-themed equipment such as shoulder pads and knee pads, as well as shin guards. A golf bag chock-full of assorted sports equipment, such as baseball bats, hockey sticks, cricket paddles, golf clubs, and the like is often seen hanging across his shoulder.


    As a personal taste, Casey Jones loves to listen to Heavy Metal music and some Rock. he is very much into the whole metal scene and could tell you various tidbits about certain bands, their members, who replaced who and in what band, and even at what time. So in a way he does have his geek outs. It's not a side very many people get to see of Casey but when the topic is brought up he doesn't hesitate to join in and give his two cents. He has the tees, he has the patches on some of his hoodies, he has the CDs and even some old vinyl LPs in his collection. If you want to get on Casey's good side it would be wise to start off the discussion with metal music. Bring up Rap, Country or Pop and he'll swing a bat at your head.

    Training is key. Though Casey Jones is no martial artist by any means he does have several books teaching the subject. Whether or not it helps is up for debate but Casey relies on them since he never had the gall to join a Karate school or some kind of camp; neither did he care about doing so. Growing up in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, however, one does need to know self-defense in order to survive. Casey maintains a very intense workout regime that includes self-defense training and basically teaching himself certain holds, arm locks and disarming techniques. He's no Bruce Lee, but again who is? He mostly relies on his sports weaponry, like bats and hockey sticks, to do the work for him. But he does love to hone his fighting skills.

    However, do not mistake Casey for just a brute. He has been known to work on cars, usually fixing them like brand new and he is a resident handyman at the apartment where he stays. So Casey is far from a neanderthal despite conflicting reports. He can handle a toolbox just fine and whenever the guys, or even April, need help with plumbing or their vehicles he will often join Donnie in fixing them right up.

    Not much of a lover, certainly more of a fighter, Casey is hopeless when it comes to romance. He doesn't even have to go out of his way to say the wrong thing or to offend someone. He does that naturally. Often perceived by the female variety as pig-headed and stubborn, Casey Jones can be very chauvinistic and very outspoken for his gender as a whole. Sometimes when he talks he doesn't really think before speaking and his chauvinistic way of thinking can trigger heated debates with the wrong crowd. In a world where everything is 'politically correct' Casey Jones is 'politically incorrect' and proud of it. He can be hard-headed and quick-tempered but deep down he is a very helpful individual who would give the shirt off his back.

    When it comes to battling the criminal underworld, no-one gets more thrills out of beating the pulp out of scum than Casey Jones! He thrives for it. Having grown up watching the Filthy Harry movies he has developed a very anti-heroic personality trait to where Casey believes dishing out the harshest beatings to purse-snatchers and muggers is true justice. The boys in blue would argue this and try to throw the book at him. But he is very determined, boasts a never-give-up attitude and refuses to back down from even the worst criminals the city has to offer. His mortal enemies are the Purple Dragons, more specifically Hun and Dragongface. Casey has made it a personal quest for revenge against Hunter Mason and only time will tell if he can make it out of his most grueling fight against the big gorilla.

    April O'Neil is another story. She is the one person who can actually calm Casey down whenever Hun and his goons try to foul his life up even further. She consoles him and the two are certainly no strangers to something even remotely reminiscent of a romantic relationship. However, Casey has commitment issues and has yet to finalize anything with her. He loves April to death and wouldn't think twice about giving his life for her... But something deep down also restrains him, warning him that his being closer with her would only endanger her life. Then again, his ego often gets in the way of common sense and he flaunts himself at her. Never missing a wink, an arrogant smirk or just quipping back-and-forth with April and the guys. They are close but deep within he feels a particular fondness toward April, unlike any he's ever felt before.


    Arnold 'Casey' Jones was brought into this world by Robert Jones and his wife Elizabeth Jones. Arnold Sr. worked many different positions throughout his time and was a very caring, hard-working and loving father. Elizabeth was a stay-at-home wife and this became especially so once their son was born. At age five, Arnold had already displayed his pension for smashing things when he took a plastic mallet and attempted to smash the cylindrical peg into the star-shaped hole of his toy playset. Robert didn't have very much free-time to spend with his son but always tried to help his son understand values and morals that would set him up for the world ahead. He was big into sports, especially Football. In the 4th grade, Arnold was signed up for Pee Wee Football in order to get him outdoors and to socialize more openly with others.

    It was acknowledged early on that Arnold was not a team player. Despite his many attempts, the others would always rag on him for his small stature and inability to take a real hit from the bigger kids. That was when he was kicked off the team for taking his cleat shoe and smacking it across another kid's face, leaving him bruised and marked. School was not easy for young Arnold as he was considered the poor little kid whose parents couldn't even afford a newspaper. It was bad times. To ease his stress he began listening to harder rock music, some heavy metal, thanks to Mtv; when it played actual music. He was introduced to a whole new culture and adopted it as his own, specifically as he got older. In 7th grade he had made a friend who also loved the culture and was a fan of Hockey. His name was Steven, dubbed 'Stevie'. He introduced Arnold to the sport one night and was instantly hooked.

    Meanwhile, Robert found himself in hot water with a local street gang who were pushing small business for protection money. One of the older delinquents was a thug named Hunter Mason, 'Hun' for short. The Red Hook section was not one of the better areas of New York and was notorious for housing several criminals and juvenile delinquents, muggings almost every night. But Robert was stern and respectfully told them he had no intention of paying them what he couldn't afford. Hun and his gang were not pleased with that response and left the older man with an ultimatum: pay up by night's end or suffer the consequences.

    Arnold and Stevie fell in with a group of local teenagers who were also into the sport and began involving himself in their games. It was nothing serious, just street hockey. But Arnold felt like he was a part of something now. Little did he know the older kids were nothing but bullies to the others. They were cool with Casey because Stevie did their homework and thus Stevie was considered a 'friend'. Both were aware of what was going on and Arnold had some pretty harsh words for the other kids in private. Stevie agreed but refused to leave their side. They didn't punish him like they did the others. During a street game, Casey Jones was ran right over by one of the kids who began to gloat about scoring over the 'wimp'. Having recalled Hockey fights before Arnold ran up to the kid, pulled his jersey over his head to obscure his sight and began pummeling him. He later realized Stevie told them what he had said the other night which put him in hot water with the others.

    It was a rough game through and through due to their deliberate attacks against him, hitting harder than usual. It all made sense once the secret was revealed. Stevie betrayed their friendship to the older kids because he was slowly becoming one of them. Casey spent several weeks and an entire semester trying to talk him out of being seen with the bullies but Stevie refused to listen. One day, Arnold sat in class for its entirety and not once did Stevie show up to class that day. He never missed class. The intercom announced before school let out that they had lost Stevie and that his body had been found behind a noodle shop, disfigured and badly beaten. It didn't take Arnold long to make the connection but he overheard the bullies saying that the previous night had been a bust and that they had no choice but to leave Stevie behind. He stole one of their hockey sticks and attacked each and every one of them in a blind rage. He was suspended for an indefinite time.

    Robert was very disappointed but he sympathized with his son. They had met Stevie before his untimely death but were concerned for their son and what his mind set had become. Elizabeth remained frightened, especially with the knowledge that Hun was pushing them for protection money. Young Arnold was left with two options: stay at home and honor his punishment or sneak out. He chose the latter. After watching an ice hockey game, Arnold decided to slip out of his window and he paid a visit to the local ice hockey rink. The janitor was still there but they were closed until morning. He sneaked inside and tried on a pair of ice hockey skates, grabbed some gear and began practicing. He needed to think. Through all of it, Casey couldn't erase the fact that he couldn't save Stevie. It weighed heavily on him because he tried too hard to save his friend from the punkers... And failed.

    in 11th grade, Arnold was a renowned ice hockey player for the local arena. He played for their high school, Roosevelt High. He was their most aggressive player and won over the coach who enjoyed his style but others affiliated with the sport criticized his sportsmanship. Their big game was set to be against Troma High. That night, Arnold began prepping for the big game while his parents stayed back to do file some paperwork at the shop. It was late at night and in Red Hook no-one looked out for anybody. Hun and his goons attacked the store and confronted Robert about paying their fee. When he refused a second time, Hun had enough. He ordered his thugs to destroy the place and to leave them with a reminder of who ran the city. Robert fought them off best he could, just as Arnold had for the big game. But his father lost his fight. Hun made his wife watch as they killed her husband right before her very eyes and then set the place on fire as they left.

    Earning the name 'Space-Case' for his outlandish behavior on the ice, Arnold 'Casey' Jones won the final goal for Roosevelt High and earned the school a trophy for the very first time. The shop exploded due to the mix of gasoline and fire and both Robert and his wife were murdered by Hunter Mason and his Purple Dragons. Chief Sterns paid the arena a visit and informed the coach of what happened. Arnold was pulled aside and broke down once he heard the news. He couldn't believe it. He couldn't breathe. His biggest night, the one he would remember for the rest of his life, had instantly became his most loathsome in a blink. His world was shattered.

    Hockey was his only friend now. Due to his performance against Troma he was offered a full scholarship to play professionally for the New York Rangers after he graduated. Arnold decided to try out and earned the gig. However, he was deemed too unpredictable and spent a lot of time in the penalty box for fighting with opposing teams and showing off for the fanbase he earned due to his roughness. Arnold even had a devoted female fanbase who always sat in the front row just to see him smash some poor loser into the barricade without remorse. He played with them for less than a year due to sustaining a severe injury to his left knee. During a season game another player wanted that trophy a little more and decided to 'slash' Arnold's leg in order to cripple him and earn the goal. The injury required surgery and some time healing but was recommended that he never play professionally again.

    But he made enough money to find himself an apartment. After healing, he took up a part-time job working for a local nightclub as a bouncer. Casey became good friends with Torchy, the owner of the club, and was sometimes given free drinks and a meal for his hard work. Being a rough ex-hockey player, Casey Jones was notorious for using his strength and rough behavior to toss alcoholics out on their backsides. He even broke up a blatant drug deal one night and earned himself a gash across his side. But work was slow. It didn't happen often enough. Laid up and depressed, Casey watched a Filthy Harry movie marathon one night on TVT and quickly became motivated. He was sick and tired of the 'hoods running his 'hood. He had to do something about it, plus he wanted revenge against Hun. It motivated him to commit to a very rigorous workout regime and he reshaped his body, gained thirty pounds of muscle and built up his stamina even further.

    He started to pick up books from the library on martial arts and how to perform several techniques for self-defense. Though he was a brawler he wanted to increase his fighting skills and gain some extra training. Calling himself Casey Jones, he gathered his old hockey gear and old sports weapons and headed out to face the underworld of New York; starting with Red Hook, Brooklyn. Casey found a couple of punks stealing a car radio and confronted them. One was armed and fired off rounds but the vigilante proved adaptable to his environment and disarmed the thug with a swift whack to the wrist via baseball bat. The strike broke the man's wrist and he screamed out in pain, where as Casey enjoyed the sound. The other attempted to run but found his leg snapped when the vigilante tripped him and smashed his knee with the bat, threatening him with death. That was step one.

    He engaged in other vigilante activities and started pocketing their money in order to sustain himself since he didn't do any official work. He did work as a repairman at his apartment complex but that was peanuts compared to this. Casey Jones eventually ran into a mutant turtle named Raphael while disarming and viciously beating a gang of purse-snatchers. The anthropomorphic turtle found himself incapacitated when confronting the vigilante but the two soon met again under different circumstances and had to work as allies against the Purple Dragons, led by Dragonface. The two became fast friends and loved to work out and punch the bag. Casey was one of the very, very few who looked past the fact that his friend was a giant turtle. He became friends with the Hamato family as well, even looking at Splinter as a surrogate father-figure to replace the loss of his own. Casey also met April O'Neil, another friend of the turtles', and eventually began dating her. The two remain close. He remains best friends with the turtles and aids them in their fight against the Foot Clan.

    rp sample

    Back at his apartment, Casey had just finished lifting around one-hundred and ninety pounds via his barbells. He had been going at this routine for a little over an hour now. He could already feel his biceps tense with power as he flexed them, just to see. The sound of aerobics echoed through his dingy little apartment while scantily-clad women in their spandex outfits began exercising in unison. Casey grinned. Not everything in this life was free but at least he could be entertained.

    Then, a broadcast;

    'Vampires in New York?! We bring you the top story that has been brought to our attention. Various citizens of New York have found themselves with strange, unfamiliar marks across their arms. But could this be the work of...'

    And just like that, it ended. He shut that noise off. Casey realized he hadn't spent much time with the guys lately. He also needed to give April a ring-a-ding-ding when he had the chance. It was too late now, she was probably asleep. In order to satiate his craving for adventure the vigilante slipped out through the window and climbed along the fire escape, lugging around his gym bag full of assorted goodies. He pulled the familiar hockey mask over his face and used his aerial agility to leap from rooftop-to-rooftop with success.

    "Ha, hope there's some punkers ready for a head-knockin'! 'Cause Casey Jones ain't sleepy," the vigilante quipped quietly to himself. He performed a few more giant leaps, nearly losing his footing during one, but eventually crossed over to the Manhattan district. There was always a good piece of action waiting around here.

    Obsessively, Casey Jones watched from his high perch in any attempt to locate some sort of crime. A mugging, a police chase, two bums fighting over the last box of KFC... Anything! Then, it pierced through his ears like a banshee. Someone had let out a blood-curdling scream that grabbed the hero's attention. Casey jutted right up from his perch and tried his best to follow the screaming; until suddenly it was silent. Dead silent. That couldn't be good news.

    "Alright, Jones! Never got scared a' nothin' in yer life! No need to now... Right?... Right," he muttered to himself. Building up courage. He crouched on an adjacent rooftop and peered down into the alley. His eyes widened in fear at the sight of this winged behemoth. Slowly, he removed one of his notorious hockey sticks, Eastman brand, as there was no better brand. He gripped it tightly in both hands as he debated on what to do.

    His good pal and some chick were standing right in the path of this beast. But what was it? Just then a flying, gargoyle-like creature stealthily approached the vigilante and attempted to grab him. But Casey could hear the flapping of wings and quickly turned his head, ducked the monster's talons and swung out with the hockey stick which beamed it right in the thigh. The gargoyle screeched in anger as Casey glanced down at Raph and their mysterious ally.

    Giving a shrug, Casey huffed. "Heh, demons, right? Look out guys!", he forewarned but was too late as the beast in the streets below began its attack. Raph was wisely instructing the girl to take cover and let him handle it. Casey dropped down from the ledge and both feet landed softly on a platform with an escape ladder attached. He began his descent and dropped down in a crouch before sprinting outward to join Raph. "Man, this one's real ugly! Where'd ya dig this looker up?" he jokingly asked.

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