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    Application for Krang by ChaosMaterial ~ (3/16/16)

    Hamato Leonardo
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    Application for Krang by ChaosMaterial ~ (3/16/16)

    Post by Hamato Leonardo on Thu Mar 17, 2016 6:07 pm

    Your Username and Age ~ChaosMaterial, Age 26

    Character Name ~ General Krang(IDW Version mixed with Traits of the Original Cartoon)


    Age ~ 3077(Utrom Years, in Human Years he would be around 45)

    Race ~ Alien

    Group ~ Utrom

    Appearance ~ Krang is a small, pinkish brain like alien and belongs to the Utrom race. He has two front tentacles, a single ridge in the middle of his head and smaller tentacles on the side and back of his body. He has sharp, pointy teeth, small beady eyes and purple irises. Krang also mostly resides in his exosuit, his favourite manner of mobility.

    Personality ~ Krang is a vicious, sadistic, violent and very evil alien who cherish other peoples pain and sorrow. He is not above backstabbing people if needed for his goal which is nothing less than to protect his fellow Utroms from totally extinction. Krang is goal driven and don't give up so easily, he is sturdy and knows how to articulate himself. Due to his noble heritage he is prone to higher vocabulary and actions, when in the right mood however he is as rude and crude as possible. He is also very intelligent and remarkably able to use different styles of fighting techniques to defend himself.

    History ~ Born as only son of an Utrom Councelor and later Emperor named Quanin, Krang grew up in wealth and security. As child and teenager he was lazy and cocky, teased and played around with his subordinates and caretakers as Krang pleased. Later on as he grew older, Krang got even worse and wasted much of his time with silly games instead of doing something worthy. His father who was severly disappointed in him began to see nothing more than a lazy freeloaded brat in him without any ambitions of becoming a ruler one day.
    This was keeping up until one faithful day after yet another harsh argument with Quanin, Krang decided to sneak into a secret mission of the best soldiers of Utrominon to proof his father of his worth. Their mission was to annihilate Quanin's old enemy Traxus who got banned on a dangerous and far away prison planet called Morbus. Krang was the only one who survived this survey and had to life on his own from now on. He managed to survive however and time after time he grew stronger and more willed to do things on his own. His father was supposed to be proud of him, this thought gave him the strenght to go on.
    As he had acclimated himself with his surroundings he began to hunt small animals for food and also managed to get a giant lizard as steed which be used for the dangerous way up to the prison tower where Traxus was ruling.
    Short handled he killed the criminal, made Tragg and Granitor his underlings and subdued the whole planet under his thumb. As Quanin got words of that, he came to Morbus personally to see if the news were really true and his good for nothing son had done a thing right for once.

    From this moment on, Krang engaged himself more and more into political and military topics and soon became a general of war, lending his father a helping hand and becoming his second in command.

    Other ~ Headcanons: Krang lost his mother at a very early age and was alone pretty much all of his childhood, only surrounded by subordinates or teachers who tried to teach him for his later life. He can't stand people who are cowardly or willing to risk their lifes for nothing. Krang secretly collects corpses of his dead foes and stack s them in a private chamber of his own. Krang is allergic towards gluten and certain other things.

    His theme song would be: Into Darkness by Thomas Bergersen

    Sample RP ~ General Krang was sitting over his newest plans for Terraforming Earth. His newest weapon, the Technodrome was about to be finished and he could not wait for it to finally succeed. How long he had waited for this moment to come true. His people had counted so long for it too, to finally be able to life on a planet again which would provide them a second chance, which Quanin destroyed for them with his agressive and war driven plans.
    The Utrom closed his eyes and leaned back with his exosuit and thought on his very first successful mission as General. How proud his father was of him, still cherishing the words up until today. All the time he was not even aware how much it had meant for him that his father gave him respect and something like affection for once. Smiling to himself he opened up his eyes and stand up from his chair he was sitting on.

    "Stockman can you hear me? Get into my office at once. We need to talk." Krang said, putting the blueprints for the Technodrome away. Taking a sip from a glass of cranberry juice he licked his lips and waited for Baxter Stockman to arrive. Not able to sit still Krang rised up again and was walking up and down in his office. As the door finally opened and Stockman came in, Krang sneered at him for letting him wait so long.

    "Well it's about time, i waited for you long enough. Give it to me straight, how long will the Technodrome need until its finally able to operate!!" his glare turned into a malice grin and as Baxter nervously tried to explain to him that it probably would need a little longer, he let his fist crushing down on his desk.
    "Again? I think my ears are not that good as they were once. Could you repeat that?" Krang said angrily and he frowned. As the information was confirmed Krang yelled at the human in front of him and grabbed his lab coat.

    "One more failure or take back Stockman, and you're done for. Got that?" he hissed, letting Stockman drop on the floor with a thud. He turned around and gritted his teeth in annoyance.

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