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    Application for Karai by Harmony ~ (1/16/16)

    Hamato Leonardo
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    Application for Karai by Harmony ~ (1/16/16)

    Post by Hamato Leonardo on Tue Jan 19, 2016 12:59 pm

    Name→ Oroku Karai.
    Age→ About 16 to 19.
    Race→ Human.
    Team→ Foot Clan.

    Appearance→ Like most athletes, Karai is physically strong in all the right spots of woman musculature. She has dark-brown nape-length hair, but styled in an angled bob and dyed blonde in the back. The bangs look layered in a triangle-shaped point covering her forehead, the dagger-shaped cut strands dangle off the sides of hair and showcase the jaw and neck. Her skin leans towards the tannish side, though a few battle scars across the back, elbow and calf, thus the steel-armoured wear with blades therein peaking at her forearms, thighs and fists, including black skin-tight material worn underneath. Around her waist is wrapped a purple sash holding a single wakizashi. Karai possess a piercing amber-hued shade of golden-like eyes. Her make-up bears some resemblance to tattoos with flame-like marks that end at the tip of her eyebrows, red lip-stick in a one-sided smirk, exposing milk-white teeth.

    Personality→ Karai's known for her strong-willingness and wrongdoing fondness. She purposely enjoys aggravating the people that in her eyes encounters rather interesting or amusing, often forcing them to fight for the sake of her own fun. Although Karai does not tolerate lies, ironically, she herself lies and takes advantage of her opponents' emotions to her favor in order to get what she wants. When even her rebellion can be deceiving in some cases, she holds deep admiration to those beyond their physical appearances, mostly in a jocular or twisted way. Her temper is explosive whenever her mother is mentioned, this hurts her considerably she breaks into spontaneous attacks without having to listen to their reminders about her aforementioned mother's death, even if her mask of ruthlessness and rage falls down upon her shame or hesitancy to attack someone, she reveals the face of compassion and heartbreak. Karai's quite bold and adventurous to disobey Shredder's orders, even if it means trying to impress him or merely entertain herself by clashes against the turtles and their friends, she chooses to create her own rules and do things her way. However, her relationship with Shredder shows the importance and loyalty Karai has for those she holds close dear.

    History→ Born to Hamato Yoshi and Tang Shen. The child's parents named her to a rare and very special Japanese term for Harmony; Miwa had it all, if relatively good progenitors can be described as everything, she had. Until one night, Oroku Saki struck to their home with the intention of killing Hamato Yoshi for vindictive reasons, causing an unpremeditated fire with falling burning candles. Shen spontaneously intervened the fight as Saki's plaque-claws swished and swung in a deadly attempt to strike her spouse, killing her in the process. Yoshi was trapped under a wooden board alongside the dead body of his partner. He thought Miwa had died in the fire as well, when in reality, Saki took and claimed her as his own. He renamed her Karai and trained her in the ways of Ninjutsu with a completely different story, swallowing false changes in their lives of peace until "Hamato Yoshi killed her mother". She lived with her adoptive father as a member of the Foot Clan in Japan for 15 years, until Oroku Saki discovered his former friend was still alive, he translated their base to New York in order to seek revenge for taking the love of Tang Shen away from him. Karai thereupon met the turtles.

    →Karai is a secret nature-contemplative.
    →The only thing remaining of her mother in her hands is a picture Saki torn apart.
    →She is very ticklish. No one would ever try and dare to figure it out, her blade will respond.
    →Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.
    →The main reason Karai always wanted long hair, is because her mother had long hair. While Saki would cut it short to avoid distractions during training, she rebelliously added her own touch.

    Sample RP→ Dark avenues with little no sound but the whistling breeze echoing endlessly secrets only she could perceive in her head, opening her heart to the subtle wind, welcomingly caressing her skin and let her mind flow free. Midnight was surely her favourite time to wander aimlessly throughout the streets.

    Quaint moments such as these were ideal for Karai. Frequently, when everything else was done and she had nothing else to do, she would be found darting about the nocturnal streets, crowded or not.
    However, tonight appeared to be quite a different manner. The streets were empty, no citizens crossing by, not even a single car flying past unattended streetlamps.

    Rising up to her full height, feeling slender legs lifting her up effortlessly, elegantly, she rested a hand on her hip. Karai's desire to find some fun was great, to see if these people were interesting enough to let them go alive, or just too boring so it would be okay to bust their chops. Probably to even kill them. The grudge crystallizes unscrupulously, but in the end, the question takes a dramatic turn of spiraling trauma.

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