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    Rules of the Lair

    Hamato Leonardo
    Hamato Leonardo

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    Rules of the Lair

    Post by Hamato Leonardo on Wed Dec 16, 2015 11:40 pm

    We ask that every member read and understand the following rules.

    All members must be 16 years or older to join. By creating an account on this Forum, you agree that you're of the required age.
    This is a PG-13 rated site. Members are required to be 16 years of age or older meaning children are still able to join. Though the site is aimed for a more mature audience to write darker and gritty themes, we do not accept the following content,
    Sex, Rape, Nudity, Extreme Torture or Violence as well as Foul Language.
    Light violence and gore are accepted, as well as language if it's PG-13 standers.

    Because Ninja Turtles has such a large base of characters, we only allow one version of the characters. ( Raphael's role player plays all forms of Raph ) Each member is allowed to claim 3 canon characters and 3 Oc's. ( 6 characters in total ) To be fair to all members, we won't allow a single member to claim similar characters. ( If you play one of turtle's, such as Mikey, you won't be allowed to claim Donnie, Leo or Raph. You may claim a side character, such as Krang.)

    Role Playing
    To post a role play starter go to Role Play Topics, New Topics.
    All role plays must be posted in the Role Play thread and out of character (OOC) topics must be placed in the Member Topics forum. The Member Topics Forum is for members to chat OOC. To reply to a topic simply select the "Post Reply" button.

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