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    In Chains (Tags Raph)


    Mona Lisa

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    In Chains (Tags Raph)

    Post by Mona Lisa on Fri Jan 15, 2016 3:39 pm

    Date ~ Unknown
    Location ~ Alien Battle Arena
    She wasn't scared. Y'Gythgba wouldn't allow herself to be. After the battle of Thalos and gaining new allies, she and her commander were on their way back to their home world, only to once again be struck down.
    The race of aliens weren't kind. They were big, massive beings that would give even the Triceratons a run for their money. Despite their best efforts, the two Salamandrians were no match. The creatures destroyed their ship effortlessly with only the use of their claws, and the next thing Y'Gythgba remembers is waking up in chains.

    She was weaponless. All her belongings were removed in her capture as well as the helmet used for breathing. Her head was light without it, though the air seemed fine to her. She was able to suck in a good breath to fill her tired lungs. The female Salamander felt completely battered and felt no use in struggling. Her eyes even threatened to close a few times, which she finally allowed after spotting movement to her right.
    She wasn't alone in here.


    Once the darkness faded and and her eyes opened, Y'Gythgba started to gain back her movement. Finger and claws twitched as well as her toes. Her tail was extremely sore, maybe broken even. It hung between her legs, so the aliens must of found it useless to cuff.
    Speaking of aliens...
    She was able to turn her head slightly to the side, spotting four pairs of green eyes staring back at her. Such color caused an ache in her heart. She recalled the familiar green eyes of a certain terrapin mutant, and winced at the memory. Raphael. Chances are she wasn't going to see him again, maybe not for a long time. Maybe never. She knew what this place was and what was in store for her. She knew it the second the smell of rotting and decaying flesh hit her nostrils.
    This was a torture chamber.

    The screeching of the cell doors opening caught her attention. A handful of malicious looking creatures with long claws stepped forward. The intense look in their eyes and the sounds of their constant babbling informed her that they were set on seeing her blood spilled.
    The first once to approach her had it's hand snapped at, and then an intense, agonizing pain was stripped across her face from the claws. Her head snapped back as her cheek hit the cold wall. Vision dizzy, she could make out the form of the second prisoner beside her.  
    At first glance, the four eyed captive seemed harmless, even cuddly with it's giant form and furry body. But the kindness in its eyes faded when a bead of red rolled down the salamanders cheek. As if frightened of the stuff, the hairy best started to thrash and go wild. The alien captors swarmed in to unchain and hold the beast down, dragging it from the cell. Before she was able to process what was happening, they were all gone and she was alone.

    Stunned, and at a loss for words, Y'Gythgba felt herself tremble from the oncoming fury.! This all wrong, all so wrong. She should of protected that creature, she should of helped. It didn't matter if her arms were chained over her head and she dangled against the wall. She was a warrior for bleeps sake! She should of done something, ANYTHING!
    The absence and loss of her cell mate agitated her. Next time she wouldn't be defeated so easily. She would stop those ruthless creatures one way or another, she swore it!

    Fate had decided to be cruel that day, for it seemed taking one prisoner to the slaughter was done to make room for another. When the doors were pulled open once more, a body of dark green was dragged in, dressed in the shredded remains of white clothing.  Y'Gythgba... Mona Lisa couldn't believe her own eyes, when the alien prison guards lifted and chained the red masked mutant.

    It was Raphael.

    Hamato Raphael

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    Re: In Chains (Tags Raph)

    Post by Hamato Raphael on Sat Jan 16, 2016 11:24 am

    ((Ooh, this is good. So good. Man, you're good.))

    He couldn't quite comprehend it.
    The brawny terrapin had been on edge the past couple of days, for no particular reason. At first, he thought nothing of it and simply brushed it off. But hour after agonizing hour... this nagging feeling at the back of his mind only gradually intensified. An unexplainable sense of fear and anxiety. It was mild torture..
    Still he tried his best not to show it around the others, figuring it was just the fact that he hated outer space; Tired of floating around and just wanting to go home in New York's sewers, eat pizza and watch TV, train under the watchful eyes of his father....

    Yeah, it was nothing. Probably just some stupid space sickness or whatever. One thing he was sure of, he has no time for fear. Especially not now when they're fighting to save Earth.

    A signal went off, Honeycutt observing the scanners. "Strange..." The Professor mumbled. "I'm getting a signal from the next planet. If the readings are accurate, it is a Salamandrian vessel... or, what remains of it at least.." Highly unusual. The said planet, as far as he knew, was an old battle arena. Other than that, his knowledge on it was rather sketchy. Hardly answered the question why or how--
    Wait a second... Quick scan around the room and it was discovered that a member of the crew was missing.
    Raphael was gone.

    The ninja in red had left the ship, maneuvering an emergency pod through the depths of space.
    Maybe that nagging feeling did make some sense after all. Because who was he kidding? He definitely was overwhelmed with fear -- fear of losing her. The moment Fugitoid mentioned the Salamandrians, all he could think of was her; clouding all sense of judgement. This 'fear' was acting up like crazy now, messing with him... taunting him.

    Raph headed straight for the dreaded planet, unaware of what's in store for him. Impulsiveness was a great weakness. His weakness. As strong and iron-willed a ninja as he was, he surely wasn't able to take on a wave of strange beings on his own.

    .....One moment he received a great blow to the chest, the next, he was slowly stirring from blissful slumber. A couple of dry and strained coughs erupted, his aching body shook. It didn't take him long to realize that he was chained to the wall. Once the coughing ceased, the mutant forced his heavy eyelids open, blurred vision taking bitter note of the far-from-pleasant accommodations, before his weary eyes travelled over to his side as he caught some movement. And his heart sank.

    No... this... he was supposed to prevent this. Yet his fear became reality.


    Mona Lisa

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    Re: In Chains (Tags Raph)

    Post by Mona Lisa on Sat Jan 16, 2016 2:06 pm

    (( I figured, who needs a romantic getaway when you can go to a battle arena? XD

    She hasn't heard that name for some time now. Hearing his voice only confirmed her worst imaginable fear. She struggled against the chains, heavy metal scuffed her ankles and wrists raw, yet Mona Lisa did not yield. Not when...dare she say...her lover, was in so much pain beside her. She was helpless to save him.

    Throat dry, she called out to him, her Movements frantic. He wasn't suppose to be here! Why was he here?! What was going to happen to him?! Were his brothers and traveling companions here was well? Would they save them? Or did the turtles and two humans share the same fate? Could they be...dead?
    Too many questions to answer, yet Mona didn't have it in her to ask. Surely the truth was unbearable. She Just had to have hope. Hope is what kept her race and her people alive for so many eons. Despite the possibilities, she had to tell herself that her commander was alive, and so are his brothers.

    "How did...why...?"

    Hamato Raphael

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    Re: In Chains (Tags Raph)

    Post by Hamato Raphael on Sun Jan 17, 2016 1:19 pm

    ((Psh-- A battle arena would be enough of a romantic getaway for these two XD Especially if they get to kick butt together.))

    "Ngh... don't--"
    Raphael managed to utter, his hoarse yet firm tone of voice laced with genuine concern. He knew the Salamandrian Lieutenant was badly hurt; he didn't want her straining herself any further... especially not for his sake.

    "You alright?" Nevermind the details for now. The first thing he needed to hear was that she was fine. Of course, obviously they both weren't in tip top condition, still ensuring her safety was the sole reason he took off after her.
    He sure wished their meeting was under better circumstances.

    His emerald eyes then caught sight of the distinct scratch on Mona Lisa's face, however; the crimson liquid oozing out.
    Slowly his expression morphed to a scowl. The sight just made him angry.
    "..Who... Who did that?" He swore he'd make the jerk pay ten-fold!

    Mona Lisa

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    Re: In Chains (Tags Raph)

    Post by Mona Lisa on Sun Jan 17, 2016 2:35 pm

    ((Very true. IF they make it out alive, that is. ><

    "It...doesn't matter." Mona rasped with a light snarl to her tone. She paused her struggling momentarily to look Raph over. She noted his wounds, his bruised skin and cuts. Those savages never held back when it came to torture, but she could see he was far from broken.

    Y'Gythgba had admired him for it while, Mona Lisa loved it.  

    The blood that stained her cheek started to dry, but the cut was deep. It stung every time she moved or spoke. If it had been her neck that inflected such damage then Mona would no doubt be dead by now and Raphael's sacrifice would of been a waste. She rolled her tongue along the inside of her mouth in thought. Things looked pretty grim for them, but that wasn't an excuse to bow their heads in defeat. "I'll be fine. And we must not...give up hope. We can still-"

    Her sentence was cut short from the screech of metal rubbing against metal. Such a sound caused her to shutter against the chains and wince inwardly, but Mona held her own when the alien stepped inside. It's claws flexed slowly while the creature started to babble in it's muddled language. The scissor like appendage pointed at Mona in accusation, for this was the being that had it's hand bitten when it tried to restrain her last time. If he couldn't have the female executed for it, then the male prisoner surely should be forced to slay her in glorious combat.

    It chirped louder, summoning the rest of the prison crew to spill in and surround the two mutants. They proceeded to poke at play at Mona Lisa's chains while one remained by Raph's side to keep him at bay with a claw to the throat.  One move and turtle would impale his own neck.

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    Hamato Raphael

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    Re: In Chains (Tags Raph)

    Post by Hamato Raphael on Mon Jan 18, 2016 12:52 pm

    ((Oh they'd better. >< Though I would give my life to save yours any day.))

    Little cuts and bruises littered all over his body was nowhere near enough to break Raphael. As long as he was still breathing, he would stand strong and proud, protecting those dear to him.

    It might not matter to her, but it mattered a lot to him. He could tell that it wasn't just a graze, and to strike her in the face like that.... He would just love a taste of payback when he finds out who so dared to do it.
    Perhaps he was about to find out, as he gritted his teeth at the excruciatingly irksome sound. The turtle glared at the clawed being, eyes narrowing in contempt when it pointed at Mona. The heck was that supposed to mean?

    Before he knew it, a whole flock of them appeared, and he found himself instinctively stiffening and leaning back against the wall as the claw was barely an inch away from his neck.
    From the corner of his eye, he noticed the others messing around with Mona's chains. Anxiety built up. What were they doing? If they dare hurt her... he.... he couldn't lose the one who had managed to worm her way into his heart. He just couldn't.

    While his aching hands and feet thrashed slightly, otherwise pretty much helplessly immobile, Raph let out a snarl.
    "Get your filthy claws off her!"

    Mona Lisa

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    Re: In Chains (Tags Raph)

    Post by Mona Lisa on Tue Jan 19, 2016 12:37 pm

    ((And I would give mine for yours, Brother. <3 ))

    Mona paid Raphs outburst no mind. Instead, her attention was fixed on the two aliens closest to her. With one clean sweep of a claw, they cut her free of the chains, expecting the female to fall. Instead, Mona swung her legs. The two guards were hit with a powerful blow that knocked them backwards. The Salamandrian leaped off the wall, landing hard on her feet. She wasted no time and ran towards Raph, throwing a blow to his captors head.

    The claw slipped from Raph's neck and grazed the flesh over his collarbone, as well as the chain that held his right arm. He was free of one cuff. Mona frantically worked on the other, her expression grim but focused. She held herself well despite the pain she was in, the adrenaline rush gave her the strength. So she tugged. The chain was already loose from the scuffle and was coming undone. With a final pull, it broke from the wall, and both mutants were thrown backward. Mona was on her back with Raph sprawled over her. In the light of the cell, her eyes sparked as she lifted her head, taking this rare moment to press their noses warmly together.
    "That was quite a rescue."

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    Hamato Raphael

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    Re: In Chains (Tags Raph)

    Post by Hamato Raphael on Wed Jan 20, 2016 11:05 am

    ((Not if I give mine first! You're the best, Bro~))

    He heard chains being snapped loose, before the aliens were swiftly taken out. Beautifully executed.
    Wincing a little from the sting on his collarbone, Raph easily set that aside as he brought up his free hand to help her pull the other from the wall, only to find himself falling forward and right onto the Salamandrian.

    Just when the turtle gathered his bearings, he blinked at the feel of their noses being pressed together, resulting in heat forming in his cheeks. Almost immediately Raphael's expression softened, his rage soothed.. at least for the moment. Only Mona Lisa could make him feel this way.
    The corners of his lips curved up to a smile.
    "Heh... I'm just glad I get to see you again." Alive.
    A hand gingerly caressed her cheek, but the moment his thumb unwittingly ran across the cut, he recoiled slightly, being reminded of the predicament.
    They weren't out of danger yet.

    "C'mon. We gotta get outta here."
    Raph got to his feet and offered a hand to help her up, his gaze then shifted towards the opened cell door. Who knows what lies ahead. Those creeps could throw anything at them, but that wouldn't stop him from fighting for Mona. They won't be harming her any further.

    Mona Lisa

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    Re: In Chains (Tags Raph)

    Post by Mona Lisa on Sat Jan 23, 2016 9:37 pm

    ((I'd push you out of the way before that ever happens. *Clings* So no dying for me.))

    She took his hand, gripping it while Mona staggered to her feet. Golden eyes scanned the room with the five bodies knocked out on the floor. The lieutenants expression was pensive.
    "They'll slaughter us." She growled, turning to look Raph straight in the eye. The blood near his shoulder only fired Mona's spirits."Those savages will never stop! They have hurt to many, killed for the sake of sport! I cannot leave here knowing prisoners like us will die in the hands of these dishonorable creatures!"

    ((Emily was just born! ^^))

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    Hamato Raphael

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    Re: In Chains (Tags Raph)

    Post by Hamato Raphael on Wed Jan 27, 2016 12:16 pm

    ((Fine, we'll compromise. We both live c: <3 ))

    The moment her hand was in his, Raph gripped firmly back, as though not wanting to let her slip away again.
    "No they won't." He was quick to assure. Now he was beginning to regret taking off on his own, feeling the pressure from the shackles that still clasped his wrists. Though they were free from their cell, it still felt like they were prisoners. But maybe this was a good thing. At least the whole family wasn't trapped down here. Surely they were devising a good strategy from the safety of the Fugitoid's ship. In the meantime, the two of them would have to hold their own here.

    "Don't you worry, Mona. Those freakshows'll get what's coming for 'em." There was a pause, as he gently squeezed her hand.
    "I won't let you down."
    And that's a promise. With that, he tugged lightly forward, leading her out of the death-reeked cage and into an equally death-reeked hallway. There was barely any light, save the few torches on the walls lit with faint blue-ish flames, giving the place an almost eerie vibe. Raph took note of the row of cells similar to theirs. Probably occupied with fellow prisoners.
    Mona Lisa wanted to save the other captives, and Raph wouldn't mind exacting justice either.
    In all honesty though, his top priority at the moment was protecting her, and to make sure they both leave this hell in one piece.

    ((Yay, congrats! Best wishes to Little Emily and her family ^^ ))


    Mona Lisa

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    Re: In Chains (Tags Raph)

    Post by Mona Lisa on Thu Jan 28, 2016 7:18 pm

    Die another day, to feast on pizza now. ^^ <3 ))

    "Perhaps."She glanced at Raph's shoulder, now blood soaked. The turtle pulled her along and she followed, only to stop and push him against the wall.
    "Wait." Mona commanded, her voice low and smooth as silk. The salamander slid a hand up to cup the cracked bone of his shoulder. If they were to save others, they'd have to save themselves first.
    She got to work on stripping the remains of his space suit, not at all phased. Her fingers glided along Raphael's upper body while ripping free loose strands of cloth. She kept her eyes on her work, attentive to not hurt him further. Once she had a decent amount, she started wrapping the deepest cut, lightly squeezing his muscles on his good arm whenever he showed signs of pain.

    "I am grateful you wish to stand by me," Mona muttered while tying a strip in place. "but I can not ask you to risk your life for me, you have a family that needs you. You should..." Her voice lowered. "you should go back."
    By now she was finished with the bandage, her hand rested on Raphael's shoulder. Mona Lisa was very fond of her turtle, she wouldn't allow him to be harmed any further. She swore to it.

    A door slammed from the down the hallway, followed by the sound of heavy foot steps. Someone was coming. Someone big.

    (( Thank you so much, I can't wait to meet her. ^^ How's Baby J?))

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    Hamato Raphael

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    Re: In Chains (Tags Raph)

    Post by Hamato Raphael on Fri Jan 29, 2016 1:18 pm

    ((And ramen too <3 ))

    Raphael never let pain stop him in times of danger. To him, that was a sign of weakness. As long as he was able to move, he would fight for his life.
    When he was pushed against the wall, however, the turtle did not protest. He let her do as she wanted, which may be odd coming from the usually stubborn ninja.

    Mona Lisa... she's really something. This was the Salamandrian warrior who was set on destroying him... Now she was ever carefully tending to his wounds. Fate is a funny thing-- and he wouldn't have it any other way.
    Throughout the procedure, he was mostly quiet, save the soft grunts of pain due to contact with open wounds and fractured bones.

    He appeared rather forlorn upon hearing her words. That was one wish of hers in which he couldn't comply. He couldn't possibly abandon her.
    Raph raised a hand to his shoulder and placed it over hers. "Like I'd just leave you in this dump.."
    He was tempted to just reach out and kiss her; show her that he cared. That he... loved her. She knew that, right? He's never felt this way towards anyone before.

    Staring into those large, brilliant golden eyes, Raph began to speak once more.
    "Mona... I--"

    He was cut short when the door slamming echoed throughout the hall. They were alone no more. Instinctively he moved from the wall and got to a defensive stance, ignoring the lingering stinging sensation on his shoulder. Whoever dared get in their way, just bring it. Raphael wasn't intimidated. He can fight. He will fight.

    ((Baby J is due some time next month. So he would be about a month younger than Emily c: ))

    Mona Lisa

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    Re: In Chains (Tags Raph)

    Post by Mona Lisa on Sun Jan 31, 2016 1:03 am

    ((All the ramem you can eat, Bro.))

    The tip of her tail raised by instinct while Mona crouched slightly in a defensive position of her own. A growl formed deep in her throat as the footsteps drew closer and closer. They'd have to talk later. The sound of chains dragging along the floor suddenly echoed through out the hall. A large, dark shape entered their vision.

    The creature was massive compared to the already  sizeable aliens. In the dark, Mona could just make out its shape and features. It looked similar to the creatures that captured her and Raph, only this large beast must of been mutated somehow, or experimented on. It's back sagged in a hunch, as if the weight of its arms and head were to much. Chains were wrapped around its body, covering most of its chest like armor. It was hidious as well as dismal. She almost felt sorry for the brute, until it's arm shot out to violently swipe at the pair.

    Mona was quick to react, leaping out of the way just in time, only to roll painfully across the floor then stood on uneasy legs. By the sound of her ragged breath, Mona seemed awfully drained, but her fists remained up in a defensive position, ready to react.

    "Raphael?!" She called to the turtle from across the hall. Her voice caught the attention of the beast, for it turned with a bloody roar, charging once more.
    Back against the wall, the Salamander lept again, just missing it's sharp claws by inches. The muscles in her back tensed from the tickle. Mona found herself running mindlessly forward, each step a stumble. If she were to stop quick, she'd fall for sure. But she couldn't think about that right now. She had to keep going and out run the beast. She had to get to...


    Arms up, she skids into his arms, pantig heavily while her nostrils extend so Mona could take quick breathes in.  She may be fast but there was little room to run. It was only forward or back, and as slow as the creature was, it was still moving, blocking one exit and leaving them with only one other option.
    "We must move. We have"

    (( How sweet. <3  Our baby cousins are going to be so cute.))

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    Hamato Raphael

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    Re: In Chains (Tags Raph)

    Post by Hamato Raphael on Sun Jan 31, 2016 11:15 am

    ((I'd gladly share my ramen stash with you.))

    Both of his three-fingered hands were balled into tight fists, knuckles sore, but still itching to land a few good punches. While it would be ideal to have his weapons with him, he'd have no problems making do.

    As it approached them, he sized the creature up. With all that chain wrapped around it, he would figure it was a prisoner in this place. It pretty much looked like a messed up version of those clawed freaks back in their cell. Had the others treated him badly? Or was it some kind of a traitor? Well, whatever its deal was, Raph held no sympathy for the ugly thing.. especially when it launched an attack.

    The turtle ducked in the last second, those claws nearly grazing the top of his head, but ending up striking the wall. About to retaliate, he was caught off-guard by the roar, eyes widening when it began charging towards Mona.
    No! He'd want it to focus on him.

    Raph was back up on his feet, running after the beast. He couldn't let it hurt her. Soon enough, Mona was in his arms, thankfully unharmed. And he planned to keep it that way. No matter the circumstances.
    He glared at the large being, holding his lover tight for a quick second, before stepping forward. There was determination in his eyes, knowing exactly what to do.

    A battle cry escaped him as he charged forward, swiftly dodging under the massive claw. Seizing an opportunity, Raph aimed for an uppercut to the alien's drooping head, despite doing so stung his shoulder. If he were to bleed any more, it would be problematic...
    Still fuelled with adrenaline, the terrapin grabbed at its chains and pulled downwards with all the strength he had left in attempt to knock it off its feet, hopefully long enough for a chance... he glanced over at Mona Lisa.

    "Mona! Go!"
    He signalled frantically while doing his best to keep the creature occupied, and assured, "I'll catch up!"

    ((Too much cuteness! >< I would need to punch a wall to be a tough turtle again.))

    Mona Lisa

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    Re: In Chains (Tags Raph)

    Post by Mona Lisa on Mon Feb 01, 2016 12:05 pm

    (( That's an offer I can't refuse. 0^0 Have you seen the new episode with Raph and Mona? ))

    The black orbs in Mona's eyes grow wide. She could only stare as Raphael charged past her, straight towards the beast! The salamander took a step forward. Never in a million eons would she even think of leaving him behind! Yet the logic in her head told her not to follow, for she would be useless in aiding Raphael.
    Frantically, she looked around, spotting their old cell and dashed over. Inside, the aliens started to stir from their place on the ground. Disgusted by such vile creatures, she kicked them aside with her foot and bent down to pry a weapon from one's grasp, yanking it free. It was a spear of some sort. It's design was old, but the little triggers on it's end were modern. Mona had trained with these in her younger years, but that was a spear that had lacked technology. She wasn't sure what would happen if the triggers were pressed, but Mona wasn't going to stand around and test it out.

    In the hall, the beast was busy with Raph, trying to crush the annoying little thing pulling at it's chains. Mindlessly, it swiped it's claws at the turtle, it's head now painfully bruised from the blow to the face. Many times it had Raph in it's clutches, only for it's prey to slip from it's claws. Out raged and winded from the tight hold on it's chest, the beast crouched lower and swiped again to deliver a hard blow to Raph's jaw, and send the turtle flying.
    Mona caught a glimpse of the green body being flung, causing her heart to skip a beat. Now fueled with vengeance, she allowed herself to scream in anger and charge forward with no intention of stopping. It took only a second for the end of the spear to hit something soft, as she felt the weapon tear through tough meat, hitting what she guessed to be valuable organs.

    The beast was impaled at it's side with Mona as it's slayer. She pressed down on the weapons trigger, right before she too, was tossed aside. An electric jolt burst from the spears tip, sending a mass of electricity into it's body.

    The halls were soon filled with it's dying scream.

    (( Even the toughest turtle can't resists the cuteness of a wittle baby.))

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    Re: In Chains (Tags Raph)

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