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    Mystee Reigh

    Hamato Leonardo
    Hamato Leonardo

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    Mystee Reigh

    Post by Hamato Leonardo on Thu Jan 21, 2016 2:52 pm

    Original Character

    RPer ~ Mystee

    Character Name ~Mystee Reigh Caremella

    Age ~14 (real age depends on time of RP. About the same age as the turtles.) Birthday is February 13

    Race ~Vampire

    Group ~None in Specific

    Appearance ~Mystee is 5'2" in height and weighs 115lbs. Her skin is very pale almost white, and her eyes are a crimson red. Her hair goes to the middle of her back and her bangs often cover most if not all of her right eye. She likes to wear gothic or gothic lolita style clothing (Mostly of the colors: Red, black, and purple, but does have a small selection of other colors.) Both of her ears do have one piercing in each of them. She also has a brand of a goat's head outline on her inner right thigh from a time in her life that she was possessed.

    Personality ~Mystee has a few different ways she will act around others. If she doesn't trust/hates/strongly dislikes someone she will act very hostile and many times rude to them. She usually never backs down from a fight and prefers to be the last standing. To those who have proven she can trust she will act a bit more calm around them, and sometimes may be a bit awkward or random. However whenever she's around animals, or even animal like creatures, she will act very friendly and caring towards them. If she sees an animal being mistreated by a human she won't hesitate to go after the attacker and 'take care of them'.

    History ~Mystee was born on February 13 in London, the capital of England. Unfortunately her mother had been shot leaving her with her dad. Nobody from the mom's side wanted her especially after disowning Mystee's mother for not marrying before having a child. She was taken care of and loved for by her dad up until she was 4. The day before her fourth Christmas her dad was declared as deceased. Many say a car accident, but the real reason remains unknown. Afterwards her grandparents from her dad's side took her into their care. She was enrolled in an elementary school and attended for a couple years. After those years it was decided that it'd be better if she was home schooled due to her having problems with other students and even teachers. One night when she was 8 years old and while she was out with her grandma getting ice cream, the grandparents home was broken into. Not only that, but one of the burglars stabbed her grandpa, who was just trying to defend his home, multiple times killing him. A couple years after she was 9 her grandma eventually died of the skin cancer she had. The next place she ended up was in New York with her Uncle, also from her dad's side. A half year before she was 12 she started to show some signs that she could be possessed. At the age of 12 she became possessed and even killed her uncle with a pair of child scissors. She was then held in an asylum and kept there until she was a few days over 14. She was attacked by a vampire while at a park, who turned her and pushed her down a well 'killing' her.

    Currently she lives on her own, in a cheap run down motel, with her pets. A tarantula names Jason and a chinchilla names Lillium.  

    Other ~Likes: Drawing, watching cartoons/anime, walking/running, fighting, arts and crafts, listening to music, animals, the colors red, black, and purple, horror and comedy movies/shows, stuffed animals, sharp objects, blood, night time, rain, snow.

    Dislikes: Most people, romance/chick flicks, sunlight, day time, dolls, fart jokes, heat, country music.

    Abilities: Being a vampire Mystee has a few different abilities. These include having one inch long razor sharp nails that she can cut through bone with, and could even take off a head if she does it quick enough. She also has inhuman speed and strength and heightened senses. Another ability she has is flitting which makes her look almost blur-like when she runs. Instead of turning into a bat like some vampires, she would 'disappear' into a mist. Her saliva has healing abilities and could even be used for if she has a body part chopped off. Although it may take a lot more saliva and could take a while for the chopped off part to reattach to the body. The final ability she has, but rarely uses, is hypnosis where her pupils change to slits before she can hypnotize someone into doing what she asks them to.

    Strengths: Mystee can be very discrete and has a pretty good sense of memory. She is also very observant and resourceful. She has a wide-spread imagination and she often uses it to come up with a variety of plans. She is also pretty brave and with being a vampire it is difficult for most to kill her.

    Weaknesses: Mystee has many vampire weaknesses such as not being able to walk in the sun for too long, heat, and a stab to the heart will kill her. She is allergic to pollen and is claustrophobic. Another flaw she has is being a bit too over confident. Finally, whenever Mystee lies her eyes will change to a light shade of red. The more she lies the lighter it will get. They will change to normal when she tells the truth.

    Theme Song(s): Circus Monster by Megurine Luka, My Darling by Eminem

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