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    Melissa Andreas

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    Melissa Andreas

    Post by Hamato Leonardo on Fri Mar 11, 2016 10:09 pm

    Melissa "Mel" Andreas
    Orginal Character

    RPer ~ Espionata

    Age ~ 14

    Race ~ Human

    Group ~ Loner

    Appearance ~  Mel is a small thin teenager at 4’7” that has short, spiky black hair and pale skin. She can normally be seen wearing old ripped jeans, a t-shirt, hoodie, and old sneakers. Mel usually carries a lock pick and a switchblade concealed in her clothing. Sh carries a backpack with her at times that carries what she wants and needs but usually it’s hidden somewhere.

    Personality ~ Melissa is a troublemaker no matter how anyone looks at her. She causes trouble no matter where she is or who she is with. Nor does she trust anyone being in survival mode at all times and everyone that she tried to trust left her alone or hurt her. The foster homes she's been in only cared about the checks they got for keeping her so she caused so much trouble to be put in a different one. Despite that she doesn't see a change in the homes which leads her to the streets for even more trouble.

    While she never fell into the drugs or drinking she went into the stealing and getting into fights. She loves the thrill of stealing and the fights are for her to feel anything even if it's pain because it's better than nothing. She even cuts school to get into more trouble and do what she wants despite falling further and further behind her classmates. Even with all of these problems she longs to have a family and a place for her to call home but can't find one. And she feels with all of her problems no one would want to take her and doesn't see the point on getting better.

    History ~ Mel was born in September 9th in 2001 to James and Lisa Andreas along with her older sister Heather Andreas. For five years she lived a normal life until Lisa a cop was killed on the job by a shooting. Everything in her life changed her father James became an alcoholic and became abusive to Mel and her ten year old sister which led to Heather's death at the age of of 15 leaving Mel alone. Because of Heather's death CPS finally took Mel and put her in the foster care system.

    During the next four years she was passed from one home to another which caused her to get into trouble constantly. She always took to the streets causing as much trouble as she could figuring what person wanted a damaged 14 year old that stole and caused all sorts of problems. All she knows that she's in the system alone and can only survive going as far as cutting school believing she doesn't need it. Because of this she's behind in school and teachers just pass her on because she would never graduate and is really at a sixth grade level instead of an nineth grade level. It has gotten to the point where now she’s planning on running away and becoming a street kid figuring that is a better life than the one she has now. Her future is cloudy and uncertain and has no one to help her to fix it.

    Other ~  Is an adrenaline junkie, pickpocket, and thief. Loves to cause trouble and fights. Still is vulnerable if something really rough happens.

    Sample RP ~ A young girl quietly opened her window on the fire escape slipping through before closing it and going to the ground level. The young 14 year old had made up her mind she was escaping from the foster system for good and was gonna live on the streets to live her own life and if she was really unlucky she would be dead. She adjusted the small backpack on her back it didn’t have much in it when it came to clothes or food she didn’t have much as it was. She had taken cash from her foster parents’ wallets which amounted to 300 dollars which would last her for a while.

    She grinned as she started down lamp lighted street finally from the so called loving foster homes that only wanted money and schools that didn’t give damn about her. The streets gave her freedom to do what she wanted when she wanted however she wanted. She never had a real home that she had any memories of and for the past four years the streets were more like home than other places. She knew how to avoid the druggies, cops, and really dangerous gangs she could make it on her own by stealing and pickpocketing and if she wanted to she would fight.

    “ Look out New York City Melissa Andreas is free to do what she wants to it and nothing can stop me!” The young girl yelled out confidently before breaking out into a run to head into a more run down part of the city. She ran to a rundown building that had no one living inside it for her hiding place and one that she had used for the past few months. The building had boarded up windows and was full of old junky furniture perfect for a runaway to store her stuff it was full of hiding places. She kept clothes and food here and anything else that she had stolen to sell for whoever wanted it.

    “ Home sweet home at last and so many ways to lose the cops here and keep myself hidden just perfect.” Mel said with a smirk as she entered the building preferring to remain on the ground floor just in case she needed a quick escape. She knew of holes in the walls that were just big enough for her to slip through so she had plenty of escape routes. Still she hoped she would never have to use them as she went to an old junky couch and put her backpack there. For now she would enjoy her freedom before she would prowl the streets for some fun.

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