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    Life's a Gamble

    Mystee Caremella
    Mystee Caremella

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    Re: Life's a Gamble

    Post by Mystee Caremella on Sat May 14, 2016 4:26 pm

    Mystee nodded after Spike explained the situation about being the only bouncer for the large Casino. She was a bit surprised that he was going to let her in, but once she stepped inside she immediately backed out. She shook her head, before looking back up to the large turtle.

    "Perhaps I'll have someone else go in and get him..." She says not wanting to tell him that she didn't do that well in places with large numbers of people.

    Meanwhile Matt was walking around taking sips from other people's drinks when they weren't looking.
    Hamato Raphael
    Hamato Raphael

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    Re: Life's a Gamble

    Post by Hamato Raphael on Sun May 15, 2016 12:32 pm

    This guy sounded about as ecstatic to hire him as one would look forward to watching paint dry. Whatever though. Once he gets his pay and the work is done, he wouldn't have to deal with the large grump any further... unless of course, the rhino would call on him for another job, which Raphael wouldn't mind. More clients than friends, getting his hands dirty for the sake of making a living. Story of his life. Not that he's complaining.
    "Like I need it," Raph scoffed in good humor as he too got up from his seat. "Yeah. Watch your back, Slash." The turtle grinned slightly while watching his friend walk off, before setting his gaze on the uptight bigshot waiting for him.

    As he followed the other mutant, he glanced around at the sea of patrons. Already he noticed some drunkards-- and, lo and behold, a young pickpocket at work. Tch... maybe he shouldn't have occupied Slash's time. Well, it wasn't his problem. He'll leave 'disciplinary control' to Slash and his cousin.

    "Sure. Considerin' I am one." He spoke matter-of-factly. To support that, he revealed his sai hidden in his coat briefly. When the client stopped and took a seat, he stood before him with his arms crossed.
    "It's Red. Just Red." The terrapin nodded. "So who's the punk that pissed you off so bad?" Now it was his turn to get eager, tone growing low and a tad malicious. "And how bad do ya want 'im treated?" After all, customer satisfaction was key.

    Melissa Andreas
    Melissa Andreas

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    Re: Life's a Gamble

    Post by Melissa Andreas on Mon May 23, 2016 10:04 pm

    The young teen quietly snickered as she scored on multiple drunks and people to distracted by gambling to notice what she was doing. This was proving to be quite a haul and thankfully no one was noticing what she was doing. Mel was having way to much fun in what she was pulling off that she wasn't paying any attention on what was going on in the casino.

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    Re: Life's a Gamble

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