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    Legion in New York (Open to Anyone)

    Mystee Caremella
    Mystee Caremella

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    Re: Legion in New York (Open to Anyone)

    Post by Mystee Caremella on Mon Mar 21, 2016 2:26 pm

    Mystee scoffed, feeling appalled that she was the one being blamed for everything happening. Sure, she wasn't very fond of most people, and not to mention a vampire. Besides that she wouldn't imagine releasing these beasts out on the city, nor did she have the capability  to. She looked to the blue masked turtle with a very annoyed expression.

    "Oh. So you're also gonna interrogate  me?" Mystee asks him crossing her arms. "Tch. Well since you asked, I guess I'll humor you." She says turning so she could look at both him and his brother. "The name's Mystee Caremella. As for why those critters are here, your guess is as good as mine." She tells them shrugging.

    Mystee then uncrossed her arms to point at herself. "I mean, I'm trying to help get rid of whatever the heck these things are!" She then adds sarcastically, "Ya know? 'Cause that makes sense for me to do, after I unleashed them. You guys wanna see the portal I pulled them through?" She asks placing her hands on her hips. She purposely cleared her throat before putting her left hand down, grabbing the wrist with her right. "Ahem. Sorry... just don't like being accused for what's happening." She quietly says looking to her right.
    Hamato Raphael
    Hamato Raphael

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    Re: Legion in New York (Open to Anyone)

    Post by Hamato Raphael on Tue May 24, 2016 11:59 pm

    Raph's eyes narrowed, before snorting in derision. Get a load of the Great Leader on his high horse...
    He was about to bite back with a snarky response, only to watch as Leo pressured the vampire.

    With his arms crossed, he merely observed with the bitter scowl still on his face. Okay, so maybe she wasn't responsible for all these nightmares popping up everywhere. It still didn't change the fact that he didn't trust her.

    "You ain't tellin' everything there, Sweetheart. When's the last time ya got.. thirsty?"


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