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    Mona Lisa / Y'Gythgba

    Mona Lisa
    Mona Lisa

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    Mona Lisa / Y'Gythgba

    Post by Mona Lisa on Wed Jan 13, 2016 4:13 pm

    Mona Lisa
    Canon Character

    RP'd by Blue
    Character Name ~ Y'Gythgba, "Mona Lisa."

    Age ~ 19

    Race ~ Salamanderian.

    Group ~ Alien.

    Appearance ~ (Work in progress)

    Personality ~ (Work in progress)

    History ~ Not much is currently known about Y'Gythgba's history prior to meeting the turtles aside from the fact that she is a highly trained lieutenant of the Salamandrian air fleet. She travels with her mentor and partner, Commander G'Throkka, who assists her in their many conflicts against their race's arch-enemies.
    Head Canon History: Y'Gythgba was orphaned at a very early age when her home village was burned down by a Triceraton attack. She was later found by G'Throkka, who was assigned to aid any survivors of the attack. Seeing much potential in her, the General took Y'Gthgba in to train and raise her as his own, later making her his Lieutenant.    

    Other ~
    > G'Throkka or "Sal Commander" is considered her father figure and most trusted friend.

    > Mona has deep romantic feelings for Raphael, which she will often hide or deny to strangers. She is not open to sharing her past/feelings with people she does not know-- causing her to put on a "tough act" to intimate potential enemies.  

    >See "History" for more Head Canons.

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